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The digital marketing company antevenio has launched a new tool that goes one step further in communication between clients and advertisers on a digital level. It is the cross-channel marketing mdirector platform that, as indicated, incorporates the programmatic purchase ( rtb ) of display advertising on the web and social media to offer an improved service. As explained by the company itself, it is an absolutely new project and, above all, useful for advertisers to better manage their budgets and their teams . It allows pure cross-channel marketing, collecting information from the different channels in the same place to optimize communication with customers and improve the relationship with them.

A complete cross-channel marketing tool this cross-channel marketing platform. Incorporates a crm retargeting module. Which opens up two new channels of communication with consumers for companies. By being able to combine email marketing and sms marketing with social and web marketing. The collection of data and cookies is carried out in an automated manner. And does not imply any type of additional effort for the users of the tool. These cookies may be the basis for programmatic buying on facebook and display retargeting. Antevenio goes one step further in cross channel marketing advertisers. Who activate the crm retargeting module will immediately start collecting data on the registration. And “thank you” pages of their landing pages hosted on mdirector landing optimizer.

The Functionality of the Google Streaming App

They will also collect cookies in each email they send, being able to profile the users who open or click on a newsletter with an ” identifying cookie “. The collected cookies will create 4 new segmentations in the database : interested users who have not registered, registered users, email openers, email clickers. These new segments may be the basis of Panama Phone Number buying on facebook and display retargeting. This tool stands out for its ease of use and activating a campaign in the crm retargeting module of mdirector is quite simple, even for people with very little experience in the use of cloud tools. Antevenio summarizes the advantages of this new cross-channel marketing tool in this video of just over a minute.

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To the us market in a recent press release, joshua novick. Ceo and founder of antevenio, stated that the new cross-channel marketing tool demonstrates. “Our ability to develop our own technology and do it before anyone else.” In addition, this project, in which the company has invested two years of work. Will have a direct impact on the future of antevenio since. Therefore, novick himself explained, “It will allow us to face the challenge of entering the us market. The most competitive in the world in this sector, in addition to strengthening our presence. In the european and latin american countries in which we are already operating”.

Streaming App With High Seo Impact

Therefore, function that is currently considered the flagship product for the future of the company. Today, more and more users are sharing twitter moments. Content in tweets when a major news event is happening (one of the best examples is sports competitions. Or breaking news coverage like that of the paris attacks ). Using that particular space within the twitter app. Moments steals ‘prominence’ from the usual -and by the way, widely used- notifications function . With this, it is certain that many accidental clicks will be within moments. Although the change has not in ios , it does not mean. That it will not be (it will be sooner or later). For now, the reception and reaction is among users (you just have to search within twitter to find out).

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