Google Will Be Able to Search Facebook on Android Phones

Before you begin this reading, we must warn you to take the following lines very seriously: the news within this page can give a new direction to the day to day of internet marketing. In an unprecedented event , google and facebook , two of the biggest giants in the digital world, have just reached an agreement by which (as published in the wall street journal ) any publication that is made through a fanpage or space public on facebook will be able to appear among google search results. Index and search on facebook, within the reach of an android keeping the moderation and exaltation that this may cause, these results of facebook posts in google searches will appear only if they have been made through android devices.

Perhaps in the future apple will perform its present act within this new dynamic). In itself, this is not a complete indexing of facebook in google , because if there is something that ‘concerns’ zuckerberg , it is his users who are so jealous. The agreement reached between google and facebook affects only the information in public profiles Taiwan Phone Number nothing else. Specifically, the ‘joint’ work will be carried out based on deep links , which allow these public contents to be reached directly. In any case, everything indicates that when searching on facebook, google will only have access to advertising, public events or pages of personalities. In this way, any public page.

Index and Search on Facebook

Companies, brands or media and even events marked as “Public”) will be within the reach of google searches, which represents a crucial change in the impact that facebook management will have to improve the brand seo . With this agreement to be able to search on facebook, the information from the social network will also appear in google now , google’s predictive tool that includes the latest android mobile models. Being able to search on facebook is a win for google however, on closer inspection this is a win for google (rather than for facebook): by being able to search facebook, google manages to enter a walled castle that houses a voluminous number of mobile users. It should be that it is the first time that facebook grants permission to third parties to obtain data.

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And it has ended up doing so, but not before imposing strict conditions on its other. Partner in the fight of the titans that these two companies maintain. Related posts jedi blue: what is the secret agreement between google and facebook investigated by the eu top. The most followed influencers on social networks in the world (2022) tips to improve the results. Of your responsive ads on google now in short: google will be able to search on Facebook . And this will mean that we will have to redefine many of the diffusion strategies in the social network. And the joint work that many of the marketing professionals will have to do to make their links really useful. Impact for the brands they work with. What do you think?

Being Able to Search on Facebook Is a Win for Google

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