Google Will Integrate Live Answers in the Debate

Google has publicly announced that it will start testing a function during the debate of republican candidates (or rather, of the republican party) in the us on thursday, january 28 , with which it will allow them to answer questions and topics via the same google platform. And interact with users. Google wants to ‘level’ the game among republican candidates from google, the company declares that this function is designed to “Level the game” among the republican candidates for the us presidency (if you did not know, this year there are presidential elections in that nation), allowing them to share their ideas and positions interactively with the audience. It should be mentioned that the promotion of this function during the debate will be supported by the fox news channel : according to google.

The interest of searches on political issues (at least in the us) increases by 440% during television debates, when voters and the general public search for more information on google about the candidates and their proposals. The problem traditionally , not only in political debates in the united states but throughout the world, is that the candidates never really present their Cyprus Phone Number List in detail, nor are there really interactive means for the audience (after all, who will give their vote) can comment or fully discuss with the candidates. Google graphic art of the new function that will be tested during the debate of republican candidates for the us presidency during the january 28,

Google Wants to ‘level’ the Game Among

2016 google graphic art of the new function that will be tested during the debate of republican. Candidates for the us presidency during the january 28, 2016 that is. Why google wants to test this new feature taking advantage of the upcoming debate. Of republican candidates in the us: as soon as users search for ” fox news debate “. On thursday, january 28, 2016, they will be with panels and interactive options. Of the candidates. . The proposals may be displayed as texts and data (which will also be translated into keywords in terms of web searches). Enriched with photos and videos, giving each candidate the opportunity to enrich the ideas already shown. Internet, the complementary tool in political debates it should be that google plans.

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To cover this function that the internet has as a tool in the background. Buring an important event on tv , that is, viewers commonly watch. An event accompanied by their mobile and comment, search or interact through it and. Social networks or other platforms to post your thoughts (of course, this is something that will happen in the debate of the republican candidates). Previously, google had partially integrated these types of functions and ideas when. It allowed tweets to be into google searches , but now it seems. That it wants to leave aside content from third platforms and take over the interaction. Of internet users in its whole. If successful, google could scale this function to other. Types of political contests outside the us .

The Complementary Tool in Political Debates

Or in other massive events – can you imagine this type of interaction. In the future showing the proposals of spanish political parties ? Television has always been something to talk about. Except that previously the conversations were more face-to-face the next day and now they are in real time. Reality shows and sports, the kings of the social audience in spain. According to comscore data released in 2014, more than 15 million people visit the internet daily. With an average of 6 hours each day, with reality shows and sports broadcasts being. The content that received the most comments on social networks .

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