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What path has taken you in your VP role and what advice. Do you have for junior SEOs who want to lead. Rachel Heseltine I am the vice president of customer Pakistan Phone Number growth, which integrates SEO & SEM for our websites RV Trader Cycle Trader etc. and website marketing Content Marketing PR Corporate Communications and Social Marketing. Basically if it involves getting a customer’s eye on the site that’s my area. I joined Trader Interactive almost four years ago after leaving a Pakistan Phone Number  similar position in a former sister company. Prior to that I worked at HPE and was Senior Director managing SEO for at one time 135 AOL O&O websites such as TechCrunch Engadget Huffington Post etc. Previous life before SEO pre-2005 I was a Smalltalk creator. Love the free Engram tools. All you have to do is take a list of keywords.

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Don’t be afraid to step back from your job at the right time. From a Director at a boutique agency I became a Principal SEO Manager at AOL with a 20%pay cut. I did this Pakistan Phone Number because the opportunity at AOL to work. With  a well known and major publishing site and a large. Well established SEO team was something I knew would help me grow as an SEO. Within two years I was promoted to Director of Audience Development and three years later Senior Director. What cool new SEO/AI tools are you using or happy to try. Rachel Heseltine Pakistan Phone Number Every day we use the usual suspicions in crawling competition analysis etc. But in terms of new tools Ryan Jones, SEO & SEJ writer.

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For say the keywords that the other tool shows. You the page 2 number enter them into this Pakistan Phone Number tool and see. What the similarities are then, you go back. To your page to search for those specific keyword. Combinations and then you go on to develop a strategy. You have great SEO achievements Pakistan Phone Number under your belt. Is there anything else you want to achieve with your work. Rachel Heseltine I’ve been lucky enough to be named. By the same token A winner over the years and we at TI were named Best.

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