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Tools such as the Keyword Planner are mainly develop for SEA campaigns: on which keywords can companies buy advertisements? SEO specialists often also use the tool, but Smink questions its reliability. She gives an example of the tastiest French white wine. According to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number Google Keyword Planner, there is no search volume. You will only know for sure if this is really correct if you make a content item about it. Most likely there will be traffic coming in. Not via the search term ‘tastiest French white wine’, but on all kinds of combinations thereof. Think of specific French wines, grape varieties, regions or châteaus. In an article about  the tastiest French wine, it makes sense that you tell about it.

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Also read: Google’s search results page is changing: how can you still make an impact with SEO? Within the vision of horizontal SEO, you create content about anything you think your potential customer might find interesting. A point of attention here is the distribution  of the information per page. What  information do you bundle on one web page and which information do you spread over several pages? SEO is all about the relevance of every single page. By making a good page about a specific topic, it can be found on countless searches.


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This way you will also look at the interests of your target group and the customer journey that is taken. You often come up with ideas other than long tail search terms. Example Short tail : food bowl cat Long tail : food bowl cat with chip Horizontal SEO : How do I feed multiple cats separately? How can I keep track of how much each cat eats? Feed cat with diet food separately Cat eats chunks of other cat Cats fight over food Advantages and disadvantages of horizontal SEO Every SEO strategy has its pros and cons, including horizontal SEO. (-) No search Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number volumes You don’t know how big the search volume is, so it’s difficult to prioritize. (-) Not always direct turnover If you create content based on a horizontal SEO strategy, for keywords with a low search volume or content that mainly provides information, it can be difficult to measure what your content delivers. This means that you have to come up with a different approach to measure the results.

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