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Jingming’s movies, Luo Yonghao’s hammer mobile phone, He Chang’s pancakes, Diaoye’s beef brisket, Luo Zhenyu’s moon cakes, Qinglong Thief’s We Media, Ma Jiajia’s condoms, Li Shanyou’s open class… These cases have some common features: they all have a “star” behind them, they are dubbed the concept of “fan economy”, and they all rise Qatar Mobile Number from the Internet. For these cases, there are almost as many critics as there are praises, which is normal. Some see them as pioneers of an era, while others see them as grandstanding clowns. As the saying goes, only children can tell right from wrong. Adults only see the pros and cons. Since they In order to facilitate the discussion, I will first give a less rigorous definition. In this article, I refer to the brands mentioned at the beginning as “personal brands”. The product brand of such brands and the founder’s personal brand are almost a coin.

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On the two sides, the value of a commodity brand largely comes from the founder’s personal brand. The opposite category, which I call “trademark brands”, may also have a very high reputation, but consumers know little about its founder, and the brand’s popularity is more closely related to a certain individual. weak. In addition to the Qatar Mobile Number examples mentioned at the beginning, where is the most concentrated category of personal brands? Luxury. The origin of luxury brands is overwhelmingly family names and first names. Why is this so? Most luxury brands have a long history, ranging from 100 years to 200 years. Young brands with decades of experience belong to the minority.

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Qatar Mobile Number

At the time of their birth, trademarks and family reputations were basically the same thing. The same is true for our time-honored brands in China, which are usually named after the family’s surname and “ji” and “tang”. Then why have personal brands gradually become rare in the past few decades, and trademark brands have begun to prevail? Look Qatar Mobile Number at the top 500 listed companies in the United States. Their brands are household names, but you can rarely name their founders or CEOs. These big men like to hide behind the scenes and don’t want to show their faces. Changes in two aspects are most worthy of our attention. The first change is the change in production methods.

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