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The publisher page is one of the most important pages in SEO News. So what happens when the number of internal links to an article from an editor’s page is Ghana Phone Number greatly reduced. We learned this from a national news publisher in Ireland where I work Independent. In this column I will share our experience. With home page updates and the impact of changes to. The internal linking system on search rankings. The front page will learn the various ways to support. The goals of an SEO publisher find in house linking tips and advice. From the top SEO professionals and find out what not to do to avoid Ghana Phone Number similar issues. Homepage Redesign SEO Case Study The installation of a payment wall is a major strategic move for Independent. Business leaders and publishers want to promote the highest paying content on their home pages.

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The idea is to present Independent’s best journalism work to its most loyal live readers. This move is supported by data showing. That fly by or unsuspecting readers Ghana Phone Number can still access. The rest of the free content on search and social. As well as other content sources. About external articles. However this data did not reveal the importance of home pages for SEO. In January 2020 the website page was updated to show the best content through the day premium payouts. From a structural and technical SEO. Point of view this means that the total number. Of articles linking to a landing page is Ghana Phone Number from 174 to 48 -a 72%reduction. A collection of articles by comparing home pages. Photo created by the author February 2022 but that’s not all.

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To eliminate clutter article referrer widgets such as the most shared. Article as shown below business division in online publishing screenshot. From independent Ghana Phone Number January 2020 analysis from. The data team showed that less than 5% of readers go down to these widgets. This gave the design team enough ideas to remove the relevant article. At the end of the article. Below the text of the news release. Screenshot from independent January 2020 the new design can be said to be cleaner. More modern and less of that clutter. A new version of the press. Release page screenshot from independent Ghana Phone Number February 2020 but for SEO these changes. Have had devastating consequences. How does this affect SEO. Compared to. The performance of February 2020 in the previous month.

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