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The future of social networks goes through facebook yes or yes facebo0ok has achieved several goals that no other social network is in a position to dream of today: an adequate monetization , with growing income every year, a generalization of its use as the main communication tool between people on the internet, and something fundamental: an enormous capacity to spread advertising messages . So much so that it is beginning to make adwords pupa , the google system that has so far been the sole and undisputed king of online advertising. And all with an advertising system that has yet to evolve.

The key to the success of a social network is not (or rather, not only) in the number of users it has, since they do not pay to use it. The number of users makes it possible to generate critical mass for advertising systems. And facebook reigns supreme as a social network across all age ranges and socioeconomic niches. In other words, facebook has a lot to Nepal Phone Number advertisers in terms of segmentation, diffusion capacity and interaction with users. The result: more than 12,000 million dollars in revenue in 2014 , and a year-on-year growth rate that exceeds 40% in the first three quarters of 2015.

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Also, a key fact: facebook earns more than anyone else in terms of revenue / user , something basic to measure the monetization capacity of a social network. Once again, the data supports that the future of social networks goes through facebook. Probably not as the only network, something that already happens, but as the main one. Today, after the ups and downs of love and hate, facebook has carved a niche for itself in our lives and is now as much a part of the internet landscape as google. On google you search for things, on facebook you share things. It is true that 80% of it is nonsense like pianos , but zuckerberg only manages (so far) to put the channel and set the rules.

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The content you share is up to you. The future of social networks and the search for profitability related posts jedi blue. What is the secret agreement between google and facebook investigated. By the eu what are the most popular social networks in russia top. The most followed influencers on social networks in the world (2022) niche social networks will probably be born and die. We don’t know what will happen to (or who will end up buying). Twitter, which is in serious trouble to find its way to profitability. Be that as it may, the future of social networks will be defined by what. Facebook is today. Zuckerberg’s network has been able to evolve. And adapt like no other to the changes and demands of its users.

Conclusions on Corporate Branding

Where it will move in the future is unknown , probably more conditioned. By the uses made by the users themselves than by the wishes of facebook itself. But, without a doubt, it will be in the future of social networks in the short and medium term. It is a huge communication failure that is inappropriate for parties that spend large budgets on advice in this field. Thus, while the most widespread video of pablo iglesias is that of the last minute of his speech in the four-way debate, which, whether or not you agree with the content.

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