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Long sessions usually represent no value. No transaction takes place and you cannot sell your visitors anything yet. Still, it sometimes makes sense to measure long sessions as conversion. For example, a long session can be an indication that your visitor is orientating. This visitor is, as it were, still ‘on the way’ to a purchase. We call the ‘hard’ conversions such as purchases or requests also macro conversions.  Micro Singapore Phone Number conversions don’t represent value yet, but give you a rough indication of how many people are orienting on your website. For example, you can add visitors with a micro conversion to a remarketing list. Can I also keep track of other minute Singapore Phone Number markers? Do you want to keep track of other durations?

How precise is this Singapore Phone Number

The solution from this article tracks the session duration Singapore Phone Number with an accuracy of 1 second. In Universal Analytics, session duration is calculated based on page views. The data in Universal Analytics is therefore less precise. That’s why your data in GA4 probably doesn’t quite match that Singapore Phone Number from your old property.

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The data in Universal Analytics is therefore less precise. That’s why your data in GA4 probably doesn’t quite match that from your old property. What does this solution Singapore Phone Number consist of? Here is an overview of all parts in the GTM container: Script – Session duration tag This script checks every second how long the visitor has been on the site. GA4 Event – ​​Session Duration tag The GA4 event sends the Singapore Phone Number session duration in this format: session_duration_1min. You can of course adjust this to your own liking. Event – ​​Session Duration trigger By default, this trigger fires after 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 30 minutes. You can deviate from this, this can be configured in the script tag. dataLayer – Session Duration Minutes Variable This variable returns the session duration in minutes.

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