How to Prepare for the Google Mobile-first Index?

At a recent 2018 Pubcon conference in Austin, Texas. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Garry Illyes confirmed that the highly anticipated Mobile First . Index (MFI) is set to roll out imminently, within a few weeks. With more and more searches coming directly from mobile devices, Hungary WhatsApp Number List Google is following suit to represent this trend shift and create a separate mobile index as the primary source of all search results. In fact, mobile traffic overtook online desktop traffic a long time ago according to estimates. It’s no secret that Google depends on the mobile interface and understands its importance. Mobile is literally essential in today’s world.

However, Simply Having a Mobile Site Is

Hungary WhatsApp Number List neither enough nor an afterthought; it is a priority. So, are you all ready for the Google Mobile-First Index? Mobile First Index – What is it? Image Result for Google Mobile-First Index Images First, Mobile-First Index aims to rank websites based on how Google crawls Hungary WhatsApp Number List the mobile version instead of the desktop version. Google creates and ranks its search query lists based on the content of the mobile version, which includes the lists displayed on the desktop. However, users can only choose the desktop version if the mobile version is not available. Google had to take timely action in response to the increase in mobile search queries. He realized that it only made sense to foster the large mobile user base and provide them with the best search results combined with a seamless user experience.

Until Recently, Mobile Rankings Were

Hungary WhatsApp Number List

Hungary WhatsApp Number List based only on desktop versions of websites. Today, the mobile-first index represents a major shift in how Google discovers, rates, and prioritizes content. Google’s point of view John Mueller announced that Google has already started testing some websites in the mobile-first index and he showed how SEOs can identify if they’ve made a successful transition. On December 15, 2017, after this announcement, companies are more concerned about their identity. Mueller revealed that the log files could be a clue to the change. Looking at the log files, it may be possible to find something like 80% of the crawling comes from the Googlebot desktop while 20% comes from mobile with the Googlebot smartphone.

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