How to Use Emotions in B2b Digital Marketing

For b2b markets we constantly hear that the sales argument must be more rational, technical and focused on an analytical approach. It is true that b2b digital marketing is more complex ; but, precisely for this reason, wouldn’t it be convenient to use emotions to push conversion where intelligence shows its limits? Emotional marketing in b2b fields is possible. The sales process for this sector tends to be much longer, and not because buyers are more indecisive. It influences the growing avalanche of options that consumers have as well as the level of long-term commitment expected in b2b transactions. To draw attention and break down barriers in approaching prospects, emotional marketing works .

However, we are faced with a dilemma. How to connect emotionally while offering technical information in the sales process? 4 emotions in b2b digital marketing joy joy is the most contagious of all emotions . A laugh from a baby makes us smile. Smiling faces open a door for us to get closer and share. Harness joy in your b2b digital marketing content strategy. Share Pakistan Phone Number List that generates happiness. Once that happiness has made a mark on your audience, they will be more receptive to technical/factual information about a product or service. Whenever you can, break the ice of communication with a message that generates joy. The sadness sadness is not a bad emotion to sell in b2b environments. Sadness mobilizes compassion, trust, and empathy.

4 Emotions in B2b Digital Marketing

It’s not about marketing to make people feel sorry, but about spreading how your brand improves people’s lives. What do you do for your clients to combat sadness? How do your products support great causes? Does your corporate social responsibility solve problems that distance us from death, precariousness, marginalization and all sorts of painful circumstances that we deal with every day? Digital marketing that pulls the strings of sadness must be done very carefully. There is a thin line that sets off alarm bells in the face of manipulation and then you get the opposite effect: rejection and little credibility. In our culture, sadness is surrounded by silence and must be digested in the dark.

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We see it almost as a socially awkward emotion. Watch out! The fear fear is powerful in inciting action. Fear makes us cling to the known (objects and people) in search of certainties that put our feet on the ground and sweep away uncertainty. Fear in b2b digital marketing campaigns should be served in small doses, but continuously. It is the emotion that underlies the purchase of certain products such as insurance, spare parts… Thinking that the future will be adverse to us, but that we have been intelligent and we have a triumphant exit, is comforting. We have been raised to think that something negative is more likely to happen than something positive. For b2b companies, it is important to know the fears of their buyer personas .

The Sadness

Then we must create communication campaigns that explain how our brand alleviates those fears. The wrath anger is a motor to go to the negotiating table or at least incite debate. We defend our views tooth and nail. To shake the drowsiness in your audience, from time to time it is opportune to launch a sharp question. Offer an uncomfortable point of view and seek what others think. You must be very skillful in redirecting the discussion towards a success story in your company that challenges dogmas and corroborates your ideas. This emotion will help create more loyal groups to your brand, and of course, you will have your detractors.

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