How to Use Snapchat to Connect With Young Audiences

At the smmday (social media marketing day) barcelona event, one of the speakers and organizers was pedro rojas . He is a social media specialist and online strategy consultant and was the fifth speaker to appear on stage. In his presentation he focused on analyzing “Two tools that you will surely have to know in depth and use in 2016 ” which were snapchat and growth hacking marketing ( the new digital strategy). In this article we are going to focus on this first part, on analyzing how we can incorporate snapchat into a digital strategy. What benefit can companies get from this application? We are going to discover how to use snapchat from the hand of pedro rojas. Rubén bastón sums it up for you in this video. What is snapchat before explaining how to use snapchat in your digital strategy.

Perhaps we should explain what exactly it is: an application that allows its users to take photos, videos, texts and even drawings and send them to the contacts they want. It is characterized, and it is its main added value, because its contents are “Momentary”, they are Turkey Phone Number List after a specific period of time. For this same reason they are classified as “Burst content” and are called “Snaps” which is translated into english as “Click” or “Instantaneous”. The users who send the content will be the ones who will set the duration limit that it will have, which can range from 1 to 10 seconds . After this time, the user who receives the content stops seeing it as it disappears from his screen.

What Is Snapchat

This fact makes it really a very different support from the rest of social networks and it is necessary to understand the use of this functionality. How to use snapchat: the users so that you can consider how to use snapchat, you need to know that 41% of users of the social network in spain are between 18 and 24 years old and 28% are between 25 and 34 years old . With these data we can say that practically 70% of snapchat users are under 34 years old, so it is clearly a young audience that we are addressing by proposing a strategy in this application. Also bearing in mind that precisely this age group includes users who use their smartphone the most and who are more predisposed to buy through digital media , it is important to take this into account and take advantage of snapchat to captivate them. The “teen + millenial” audience , as the speaker pedro rojas referred to, thinks and acts outside of traditional marketing.

Turkey Phone Number List

For this same reason, we cannot want to propose the same. Strategy on snapchat as on other social networks or applications such as instagram or facebook. It is a very specific public and a very differentiated dynamic of use. So it is important to understand it and know how to work with it. Rojas recommended us to publish “moments” that attract the. Attention of these users and then “they will come to you” . How to use snapchat: the strategy according to pedro rojas. When considering how to use snapchat, it is important that companies prepare a differentiated strategy if they. Start to be active on snapchat and consider this application as a communication channel with young audiences. You cannot pretend to carry out the same strategy on facebook or instagram as on snapchat.

How to Use Snapchat: the Strategy

As we have mentioned, snapchat has a very particular approach and operation. That must be taken into account when planning the strategy and actions that are going to be out. Also, knowing that it is a young audience. These users are not going to respond well to intrusive and traditional advertising campaigns. They are looking for something dynamic and fun that fits them. That is not as something very commercial but rather as something native. That is well integrated with the content they regularly consult on snapchat. Companies that dare to delve into the world of Snapchat. A recommendation from the speaker: prepare specific content and an ad-hoc dynamic for this medium. How to use snapchat: examples of actions send photographs or phrases. In a limited duration giving clues about, for example, an announcement or launch of a new product or service.

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