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Google indicates that this link makes it possible to measure conversions from free product listings in Google Shopping. And to link it to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), of course. Integrating data is crucial for marketers and business owners. The more integrated data we can collect within Google Finland Phone Number Shopping, the better we can make decisions about our marketing efforts. And thereby increase the direct impact of the Merchant Center product data. How does it work? In January, Google announc that ” auto-tagging ” has been add to its free Finland Phone Number Merchant Center products. This auto-tagging makes it possible to track the conversions of free and paid product listings.

Connecting Merchant Finland Phone Number

All you need for this is the link between Google Analytics 4 and your Merchant Center account. Connecting Merchant Center and Google Analytics 4 If you Finland Phone Number already have an existing Google Analytics 4 property, you can link it to the Merchant Center account. Follow the following steps: Step 1. Go to “Manage” (the gear at the bottom left). Step 2. Under the property settings, search for “product links”. Link Google Analytics 4 to Merchant Center. Step 3. Here, click on “Merchant Center”. Step 4. Click on “pair”. Step 5. Click on “choose accounts” and choose the correct Merchant Center account. Choose a Merchant Center account. Step 6. Choose to Finland Phone Number enable auto-tagging (recommended) and click “next”.

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Center and Google Finland Phone Number

This ensures that a unique ID is included with each destination URL. This allows Google Analytics to monitor the data of every click. This ensures that you can access conversion reports and the inclusion of free product listings in the GA4 reports. Turn on auto-tagging. Step 7. Check if you have entered everything Finland Phone Number correctly and click on “send”. Congratulations, the Merchant Center is now linked to Google Analytics 4! Please note that it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for data to be displayed. Do you have Finland Phone Number  questions about linking Merchant Center to Google Analytics? Ask them in the comments below! No Google Analytics 4 yet? High time to install this latest version of Google Analytics.

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