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At the beginning of the 360 ​​Rising War, I thought that Rising was lost. My judgment was based on the fact that the Internet model will definitely smash the traditional software model. The fact is as I expected. All traditional IT companies Finland Mobile Number should learn from this. Example 3: Xiaomi engages in mobile phones Although I have always been relatively open to cross-border competition, I still thought that Lei Jun had crossed the border too much, and it seemed impossible to counterattack the traditional production field with the idea of ​​​​the Internet, but the facts shattered my judgment.

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Example 4: Newly listed forgame The executives and founders of this company do not have a person from the traditional game industry! When the page games were first and hotter, what were the traditional game companies doing? , just Finland Mobile Number these five steps. Without a background in the game industry, there is no burden and mentality, and I dare to give it a go. Of course, when it comes to the field of page games, the upstarts in recent years are all cross-border masters, such as Xinxin Games, such as Yingying

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Finland Mobile Number

Network, such as Youzu, and so on. Fourth, vision is more important than hard work Diligence is of course important, but the right vision will make your diligence increase by n times. Example 1: I have a friend named Su Guangsheng who I have known for more than 10 years. He used to create a smartphone community, about Saipan, but Finland Mobile Number the scale of the project was not large. It was probably the third largest in the market. ; Later, I met Mr. Cai Wensheng by fate. Boss Cai talked with the market first at that time and suggested that the other party transform into Android. The other party said that the Saipan market was booming and there was no need for transformation; Mr. Cai later chatted with Su Guangsheng, at that time Android’s

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