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The key is to take the first step, so that you have a chance to understand the second step and how to take the third step. I am waiting for a pure diaosi, with no funds and no connections. What I am fighting for is that I will not dislike your small and Russia Mobile Number humble small projects, and I will take this matter very seriously. recall the past When asked this question, Li Bin from the Northeast recalled his father’s entrepreneurial story in the 1990s: I’ve seen more than a thousand bucks start a business. But not just 1,000 yuan, but more than 4,000 yuan. In 1997, a father was laid off. He was a factory doctor (previously worked as an outpatient doctor in a county).

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He collected more than 4,000 yuan, rented the facade for three months with a friend for 1,500 yuan, bought medicines for 2,000 yuan, and bought a cabinet, a sofa, and two beach chairs for more than 500 yuan, all of which were second-hand. Relying on previous classmates, I got a clinic license. Then open for business. If you want to do fresh Russia Mobile Number e-commerce, maybe you can only sell a few kinds of fresh vegetables, and start delivery from your community, use the Internet to promote, and then neighbors place orders on Taobao. In my opinion, entrepreneurship can be independent of form and scale. Because my father used to be a man of righteousness when he was a factory doctor, and he also took care of his old colleagues.

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In the past, everyone in the factory came to him at the same time, and the first month was maintained. And because my father did have two brushes during the outpatient clinic, he was especially good at first aid and colds and fever, and it worked for one day. Once a patient next door died, and my father ran to artificial respiration for 1 hour when  the family Russia Mobile Number gave up, and came back to life. So his reputation grew, and after half a year, Dad swept a radius  of 3 kilometers. Then, the father’s happy business was successful. One year later, he earned 30w annually. Two years later, he hired Shuishui’s nurse girl to work. It was 1998, dear~ Story description: 1. You need to have two brushes, core technology (doctor first aid); 2. You need to have enough social

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