Images, Content and Conversion

The success of an online store depends on many factors that must accompany the consumer’s shopping experience: design, positioning, products, communication. All of them are factors that are strongly interconnected with each other and that start from a good web strategy focused on product presentation, web content and conversion optimization. The presentation of products is, without a doubt, the virtual showcase of any online business. It should not only attract visually, but also help to understand at a glance the dimensions, colors and general characteristics of a product and convince the consumer to make the purchase. Montse labiaga, ceo of ecommerce photography and an expert in product presentation for online stores, knows for sure when a photo is ready for conversion and when a photo needs reprinting.

The secrets of online conversion, from the hand of epages academy she, along with isabel romero , blogger from enredandoporlared , will be at epages academy discussing the keys to achieving greater conversion in ecommerce. While she will focus on the visual aspect, isabel will address the need to create content that inspires and persuades the consumer when making a purchase decision. From the first sentence written on her blog, she and her partner paula communicate with their readers as if they Netherlands Phone Number List right in front of them: with closeness and warmth but without losing professionalism. The ecommerce that are able to make a difference in these two aspects , visual and content , are the ones that achieve higher levels of engagement and loyalty. All this for what?

The Secrets of Online Conversion

To make the potential consumer feel comfortable and want to come back. But not only the content is a fundamental factor for the conversion. All the visits that come to an ecommerce should be able to identify in the first few seconds what the unique selling proposition is and convert. As Iñaki tovar , a participant in the event along with montse labiaga and isabel romero, says, a sale by hand is better than 100 flying visits. In this sense, the landing pages have a fundamental role, since they have to convince and inform the user to direct him towards the objective of the website: sell, gain subscriptions, obtain views, etc.

Netherlands Phone Number List

The key is to find the perfect balance in the number of clicks. Many can lose the customer in the process and very few can generate rejection. By forcing the customer to complete the purchase. These three professionals will meet on february 23 and 25 at the epages. Academy event that will take place in madrid and barcelona to discuss in greater depth the. Success factors of an online business. Both events will have workshops for beginners and advanced to help. Each attendee according to their level in ecommerce and throughout all the phases of their online project.

From the Hand of Epages Academy

These have been activated since 2015, designed to be a content. Channel to avoid the wasted time that elapses from a click. On a link until it is loaded on mobile phones. Now, facebook is abandoning the rule that it had initially imposed where only the big. Media could make use of facebook instant articles. Starting april 12, 2016 , the zuckerberg network is launching an open. Platform for any publisher to generate their own “Instant articles.” If you know how to intuit. Facebook instant articles are part of the “ ubiquitous plan”. So that you don’t leave facebook for a moment. These contents combine the desires of the user experience. With a great benefit for their users, and of course. They also mean a great income for facebook through advertising insertion.

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