Instagram Starts Allowing 60-second Video Ads

The fastest growing app within the social media context. Which has benefited so much from the rise of mobile across the planet. Took a step forward in its evolutionary process in the second half of 2015 by beginning to include video advertising. When instagram introduced video advertising instagram then began to. Incorporate videos of a maximum duration of 30 seconds as a possible advertising format within the network. In auto-play mode (15 seconds more than each user can upload as a video). Thus constituting a further step in your search for monetization alternatives. The first companies that were able to invest in this new video advertising. Format were disney, lancome, activision and banana republic (all international brands).

Now, instagram has announced that it will start allowing 60-second video ads , starting with campaigns to be launched by t-mobile and warner brothers. From 30 seconds to 1 minute in length this is a big step for the social network, which recognizes that advertisers have a wide variety of creative resources and need more options to achieve their business goals. With 400 million users , facebook (company) is finally focusing on ways to monetize instagram. Essentially, instagram wants to be Azerbaijan Phone Number List to absorb as much budget as it can from brands that would normally go for paid tv ad slots , which is why the video ad length is expanded to 60 seconds (1 minute) for be able to equate to the formats that television stations traditionally handle.

When Instagram Introduced Video Advertising

Of course, that doesn’t change the reality that if the content isn’t compelling enough. The user can simply skip or pause the video. In addition, advertisers will have to deal with the reality of making or converting ads tailored to public browsing behavior. Where the audio playback volume may not be as loud. Like its “Big brother” facebook , instagram. Is trying to invite the public to use and test new ad formats. Let’s remember that it was instagram that introduced image advertising without links. Video advertising of 15 seconds, after 30 and so on, so it does not seem impossible. That this is another great success of the fastest growing social network in the world.

Azerbaijan Phone Number List

They highlight high discount percentages and encourage users to leave their data to be informed of upcoming promotions and available activities. This use of gradients, not so common among designs because of how vibrant it is, made many users show their disappointment with today’s surprise, comparing it with paint or word designs and creating memes about it, showing their discontent. In any case, today the instagram logo is already perfectly accepted by all users. The goodbye of the founders, the arrival of igtv and the reels… and the goodbye to the likes all these changes caused, as happened with ja koum and whatsapp , that the creators who made the app’s existence possible left their positions in the company .

From 30 Seconds to 1 Minute in Length

Both argued that they did not agree with the treatment that facebook. Was making with the application and decided to withdraw. Added to all these changes was the launch in 2018 of instagram tv (igtv). A new section within the app’s profile that allows uploading videos. Of up to 10 minutes in length and 60 minutes to verified accounts. Zuckerberg ‘s intention with this was to position himself as youtube’s direct competition. In the field of video content creation. In 2020, they also launched reels following the premise of tik tok allowing users to create. Edit and post videos with different functionalities. But it was not until may 2021 that one of the most controversial measures would arrive. Stop showing the number of likes a publication receives.

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