Instagram Story, the App That Revolutionized

Instagram is the preferred application of users to share the good moments of life . We all know that in this social network people are prettier, take better care of themselves, eat better, have the most beautiful houses and travel to the most incredible places. On the occasion of its 11th anniversary (on october 6), we would like to review the history of instagram , a social network that completely revolutionized the world of photography. Instagram story: the principles like burbn this application in which users upload photos and videos, with the option of using filters and frames provided by the app itself, was born in october 2010 in san francisco by kevin systrom and mike krieger. Systrom and krieger, in addition to being brilliant computer scientists, are very fond of photography. For them, taking a good snapshot required a professional camera.

However, as mobile phone cameras got better, they decided there was a market opportunity for mobile photography . At first, the application they devised was baptized with the name of burbn and it was much more complicated than the one we know today. Burbn started Sweden Phone Number List as a geolocation and check-in app very similar to foursquare, until they realized that what really mattered were the uploaded photos of places. From this moment on, it was when they changed their focus and decided to dedicate themselves entirely to the publication and retouching of the images. Instagram, the coolest app on the market in this way, they made a new version of the application and called it Instagram .

Instagram Story: the Principles Like Burbn

This name comes from putting together the concepts of “snapshot” and “telegram”. Words that the creators reminded them of their childhood with polaroid photographs. Instagram was in early october 2010 for apple devices only. In its first week of life. 200,000 users had already downloaded the social network and three months after its launch they had already reached one million. One of the distinguishing features of instagram early on is that the images were. Square-shaped in honor of the kodak instamatic and polaroid cameras. As a curiosity, the first photo uploaded to instagram was of a dog. The pet of one of the founders. Instagram comes to android and is bought by facebook in 2011. Hashtags arrived on instagram , those essential labels that allow us to associate our publication with a certain topic.

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In this way, people who do not know us can enjoy a photo or video that we have published. In less than a year, there were already 5 million people using instagram. Systrom and krieger, aware of the great success enjoyed by their app. Made the decision to launch on other operating systems. In this way, in april 2012, instagram finally appeared for android. Achieving more than 1 million downloads in less than 24 hours . After this launch, the application caught the attention of mark Zuckerberg. Creator of facebook, who only 6 days after the arrival of the app on android bought it for 1,000 million dollars. This transaction is very important in the history of instagram since zuckenberg. In a master move, offers its creators an irrefutable offer. The right to maintain a certain administrative independence and 1,000 million dollars in cash and shares .

Instagram, the Coolest App on the Market

Considering that at the time, instagram was just over $500 million at market value, the offer was very tempting. Instagram is renewed, stories and ads arrive with the purchase by Facebook. Improvements began to arrive : people could be tagged in photos and direct messages with photos or videos appeared. Initially, these changes were minimal, since the application. Had its own style and identity, fully consolidated and approved by its users . The app had a simple, intuitive and attractive design. It is between 2015 and 2016 when the most notable. Changes in its history begin : the arrival of ads and advertising within the application. Logo renewal and, after the success of the snapchat application, instagram stories appeared .

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