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But on the Internet, this logic is wrong; whether in China or the United States, this logic is wrong; some time ago, Zhou Hongyi borrowed Mao Zedong’s saying, “When the land is lost, the land is lost; when the land is lost, the land is gained by the people. ”, people are users, and land is revenue; that’s right. Example 1: The first company to launch PPC is called overture. This business model is very good, and it has developed enough customers. Relying Dominican Republic Mobile Number on the cooperation with Yahoo and Google, it once became the most sought after company by capital in the market, but the problem is, He only has a business model and customers, but no users of his own; suddenly one day, Google announced that it would no longer cooperate with overture and build its own advertising system.

After Its Multi Dominican Republic Mobile Number

Overnight, the company’s performance dropped by 2/3; Yahoo also looked for it, either sell it to me, or we learn to build our own advertising system from google; overture doesn’t even have a chance to bargain; I have to commit to sell it. There are the best quality customers, the best business model, and no user base. Also, DoubleClick does the same. Interested children’s shoes can check, doubleclick, the world’s largest advertising Dominican Republic Mobile Number intermediary platform, has the most powerful advertising publishing algorithm, covering the world’s high-quality customer base, because there is no user base of its own, how did the stock price plummet and finally be forced to sell for google.

Series a Financing Dominican Republic Mobile Number

Dominican Republic Mobile Number

Example 2: 263 free e-mail office, once the first in the market, in pursuit of income; forced to upgrade to a fully paid version; their logic is that the email address is similar to a mobile phone number, and the high-end people will not change the email address at will; the result, it is ridiculous , not only did they lose free users, but also paid users, a wonderful case of the Chinese Internet. Example 3: QQ, Ma Huateng did not have the idea Dominican Republic Mobile Number of ​​creating an operating platform himself when he first started QQ, but just wanted to sell the system to operators. As a result, the operators evaluated it from the idea of ​​software engineering. How many people and months did this thing make? , QQ can’t even sell 1 million RMB! 1 million RMB, you read that right!!

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