Linkedin Shares Fall More Than 40%

Linkedin forecast revenue and profit for the fourth quarter of 2015 below analyst estimates, 3.6 billion dollars for this year (about 3.23 billion euros), while its value on the stock market suffered: linkedin shares fell from suddenly after knowing the results of the company. Linkedin shares drop the company has reported a net loss of 8.4 million in the fourth quarter of the year due mainly to its higher amount of expenses (with the acquisition of companies and attempts to expand), since the previous year it had had a net profit of 3 million dollars. Its income is lower than expected by analysts, 820 million dollars compared to 866.9 expected. However, its turnover was 2,990.9 million dollars last year, which is 34.8% more.

Linkedin shares have fallen a lot , specifically 43.63%, to stay at a price of 108.38 dollars. In any case, we are talking about the lowest level of shares since february 2013. Its current market capitalization is 25,000 million dollars (about 22,420 million euros). The current situation of linkedin many brokers and investors have been influenced by linkedin’s quarterly results, and this has been noticeable in linkedin’s stock shares . Bmo, credit suisse, cowen & cosuntrust, wedbush, fbr, raymond james, mizuho, ​​jpmorgan, jefferies and goldman sachs are firms that have cut their valuation on linkedin . The Thailand Phone Number List is currently experiencing pressure in europe, asia-pacific, the middle east and africa due to global economic conditions, although it continues to expand. They also plan to strengthen their value initiatives, such as sponsored content. Most of their profits come from premium services.

Linkedin Shares Drop

In any case, there are reasons for optimism beyond the drop in the price of linkedin shares: since these data are given by expenses such as the purchase of lynda.Com and actions for the growth of the company , if these investments are successful, company growth and better than expected profits could be expected. Although the truth is that these are the current figures and forecasts. We will have to wait to see what happens throughout the year and if linkedin shares return to their previous levels. Linkedin currently has 414 million users with a total of 100 million unique visitors per month. 57% of active users use mobile devices. Not only linkedin is going through a bad time the situation of many online companies is changing this year, and in fact we can see it in cases such as the yahoo crisis.

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If the future is uncertain for conventional companies, it is even more so for internet companies that are having to face long-standing changes. Offer discounts or offers to the fastest users who are capable of remembering the code, then playing with their exclusivity and agility. Show users products or parts of them (a wrapper, a new flavour, a new size,…). And ask them for their opinion on the matter. Connect with young audiences by showing fun and potentially viral content. To create an emotional bond between users and the brand. Thanks to the “stories” of snapchat, it can be to cover events, conventions or parties . In this way, users could see all the content broadcast during that day in a grouped form. Send a sequence of images to users and ask for an image in which they propose an ending for that story.

The Current Situation of Linkedin

Establish games or dynamics in which the fact that the content is perishable is played with. For example, join syllables (sent in different photographs). And guess the word it is, send some images that form a story and propose an image that continues. Complete a sentence that is shown, name the chapters shown, etc… Reward users who share screenshots of material that has sent to them via snapchat, on another social network. Thus rewarding its dissemination. The objective will be to achieve a reward from the company. Offering content for a short period of time and then asking the user questions. Such as “what do you think will happen next?” Or “How many actors appeared in the scene?” as you can see, if companies stop to think what possibilities there are to work snapchat within a digital strategy, there are many.

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