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Launching and running an internet business has become easier and cheaper over the past few years. In particular, the emergence of “X-as-a-Service” has enabled startups to launch products for only a few hundred dollars. Amazon and Rackspace provide entrepreneurs with on-demand servers, and adjust server parameters according to the Cyprus Mobile Number entrepreneur’s product size, so that entrepreneurs do not need to consider the server problem. In addition, Mailchimp and Sendgrid provide entrepreneurs with high-performance mail servers, while Stripe, Braintree and PayPal make online payments simple and straightforward. As companies use these outsourcing services more and more, this market will inevitably grow, and more of these professional services will emerge. The end result is that starting a business will become easier and simpler. At the same time, it became possible for a few engineers to build a billion-dollar company.

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Offline services, however, are another story. Outsourcing is definitely not a new concept, but the benefits brought by outsourcing have not fully penetrated into startups, because the offline resources required for company development cannot be outsourced. There are three reasons for this inconsistency between online and offline. First of all, for Cyprus Mobile Number most online “X as a service”, you can use it directly. There is no need for a purchase plan, and there is no cumbersome purchase process. You only need to register an account, and you don’t even need to communicate with people. Second, stable and well-documented API registrations are available, deployment consulting and lengthy integration processes are a thing of the past.

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Calling third-party APIs is a matter of minutes or hours, not weeks or months. Lastly, there is no minimum quantity limit for using an online API service, usually only one product, and generally free. You can customize the existing service, of course, it must conform to the existing API specification. Offline outsourcing services are the exact Cyprus Mobile Number opposite, and the cost of each custom service is extremely high. Because of this, companies need a procurement process when choosing these services, and suppliers also require minimum order quantities, otherwise they cannot be customized. Is the status quo changing? We found that in some offline industries, the business operation model has also changed. Take the fast food industry as an example.

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