Mailchimp, the Great Affected of Email Marketing

There have been many headaches at mailchimp since the fateful episode of ” the fall of safe harbor “. We are talking about how one of the most recognized and used email marketing companies worldwide has had to promote new mechanisms to eliminate obstacles after the dissolution of one of the most important regulations between the us and the eu in relation to data privacy. . Recap: what is safe harbor if you haven’t connected with the safe harbor story, we’ll tell you about it quickly. One of the most outstanding laws or regulations of the european union, in agreement with the united states, was entitled “safe harbor”, which comparatively established different strict protections to guarantee the privacy of european citizens.

Any company from a country within the “safe harbor” list could guarantee that data protection policies were complied with, including global digital companies (hosted with servers outside of europe). That ceased to be a reality, since the courts of the european union sentenced its dissolution and a serious problem was created for many companies focused on online marketing, including mailchimp itself. Mailchimp’s headache before the dissolution of safe harbor being one of the most Canada Phone Number List services, mailchimp ended up being one of the most affected -if not “the most affected”, going from stardom to abandonment by many users in europe and in the world, and not because it is not a functional platform.

Recap: What Is Safe Harbor

But because of the series of problems that it has found to exercise email marketing. With the member countries of the european union. Given the situation, mailchimp has reacted and has tried to dispel. Doubts by offering an update in its data processing agreement with the eu. In which you can access the generation of individual contracts from your company to the eu. With mailchimp acting as your intermediary. Format or form of contract that mailchimp exercises. To provide its users with legal tools before the eu instances after the dissolution. Of safe harbor format or form of contract that mailchimp exercises to provide. Its users with legal tools before the eu instances after the dissolution of safe harbor this new contract “mold” that offers. Similar guarantees (but not all) those required by the eu and the aepd in the case of our country.

Canada Phone Number List

And that is why this scheme created by mailchimp is not working at all . At least in spain, the aepd is firmly rejecting all requests from platform users when trying to structure. This new type of contract offered by the email marketing tool to solve its problems with the eu. Mainly for the following reasons: the signature of the legal representatives of mailchimp. The contract is in english (any document to the public administration. In our country into an official language). Such as lady gaga: promotional of lady gaga in relation to the transmission of the oscars via snapchat. And snapchat web promotional of lady gaga in relation to the transmission of the oscars via snapchat and snapchat.

Mailchimp’s Headache Before the Dissolution

web this new snapchat web “web player” undoubtedly puts the ephemeral social network. In a more direct contest with platforms like twitter moments, opening the possibility that for future events of this magnitude. People choose the snapchat website as “the first option”. When looking for streaming connections (this sounds interesting in a year that the). Undoubtedly, snapchat will continue to grow and seems to be finer every day in its. Advertising and content proposals, in a “word of mouth” tone that seems to think of many new possibilities. Tell us, what do you think of the direction that the social network is taking? Still don’t know canvas ? Facebook has just released a new advertising format. Ideal for ecommerce that will also improve the user experience.

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