Microsoft Launches Microsoft News Pro

Microsoft has revealed a new app for ios users , one that looks a lot (too much perhaps) like the same apple news app that comes already built into ios 9 : its name is microsoft news pro. What is microsoft news pro this app is aimed at giving readers a personalized experience by connecting them with articles that are relevant to their own interests , while also recommending other sites and stories that they might like. To be able to differentiate itself from apple news , it should be noted that microsoft news pro is supported by bing news , and that it personalizes its interface with the crossing of subscriber social network profiles. For example, users can subscribe with their linkedin or facebook account to have a home feed with stories that are related to their interests.

Thus, if you authenticate with linkedin and within the pages that you follow or the articles that you share, they are all related to « ict » or « internet «, it is very likely that news on these topics will begin to be displayed without you having to do the step by step choice other features of the app microsoft news pro also allows you to customize which topics and industries you want to follow, as well Cayman Islands Phone Number List which organizations and products you want to keep up with. Of course, users can comment on stories in the app, which also makes it different from apple news (the latter only allows you to “Like” or click, but does not allow any type of interaction via comments).

What Is Microsoft News Pro

Among its other options, there is a mode called « speedy mode » within microsoft news pro. Which allows you to load light and fast versions of articles in the app. It should be that microsoft news pro is part of the latest projects. From the computer company’s incubator, microsoft garage. Which is home to various projects and startups, including android developments . For today, we can say that although microsoft seems to present. A “fresh” option and a bet to be as a provider of a unique content consumption tool. It seems that it is trying to clone various functions of other solutions instead of being totally unique. .

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Social networks have gotten into television, but television is taking. Advantage of them to create a new relationship with its audience. It seems that the trend with respect to the social audience in spain. And the rest of the countries will grow, unless it is just one more fad and another replaces it. Currently, twitter has launched together with kantar media an official social audience. Measurement and facebook will be to measure social television audiences thanks to nielsen . Several studies have analyzed the comparison between the real audience. People who watch television, and the social audience, to learn more about it. It is clear that measuring the social audience does not measure the real audience because although they have a certain relationship.

Other Features of the App

They are very different terms, although it is interesting for those who make television because. It allows them to get an idea of ​​the quality of their products, their interest. Their criticism and its impact on social media . He placed special emphasis on the great use of linkedin for this type. Of strategy and how it is essential, taking this into account, to have a good profile on this social network. Until next time! María redondo , organizer of the smmday barcelona. Event as well as social media strategist and teacher, was in charge of concluding the event. She took advantage of the occasion to thank the entire team. That managed and organized the event, as well as to highlight the. Role of the sponsors who offered various products and services. That helped make the event more entertaining and enjoyable.

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