Mobile Messaging Apps Drive Smartphone Sales

Mobile applications for messages will be used by more than 1,400 million consumers. By the end of this year, which represents a growth of 31.6% compared to 2014. According to the report presented by emarketer with its forecasts for this year at an international level. This means that 75% of smartphone users will use an ott (over the top, as is the case with whatsapp). Mobile messaging application at least once a month in 2015, driving smartphone sales worldwide. This growth in the popularity of mobile messaging apps is set to continue in the future and emarketer. Predicts that by 2018 the number of international chat app users will reach 2 billion , accounting for 80% of mobile users. Whatsapp and facebook messenger lead mobile messaging in the middle of this market.

Whatsapp and facebook messenger (both owned by facebook) stand out as the two great locomotives of mobile messaging with a very important presence in more than 20 countries around the world . Emarketer defines mobile messaging applications as services that facilitate private communication between different registered users, where messages and calls are transmitted over the internet and through a mobile network. The Sri-Lanka Phone Number of the study is that these users use this service at least once a month. Obviously, these good figures for mobile messaging applications have a lot to do with the development of smartphones and the generalization of their use worldwide in recent years.

The Mobile Market Grows Almost 7%

The mobile market grows almost 7% despite the fact that bags and pockets are full of latest generation mobiles, we are talking about a growing market, which is still capable of absorbing manufacturing since smartphone sales continue to increase. According to data from a study carried out by the idc (international data corporation), the market for this type of technology grew by 6.8% in the months of july, august and september. Samsung in the lead in total, the number of units purchased by consumers reaches 355.2 million; a figure that far exceeds that recorded in the same period in 2014, when smartphone sales reached 332.6 million.

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Large retailers such as t-mobile affirm that the company leading this rise is the south korean samsung , which in that quarter has managed to sell 84.5 million smartphones ; which represents 6.1% more than in the previous record. A figure to which the success of samsung 4g lte has undoubtedly contributed . In second position is apple , which has managed to sell 48 million units of its terminals; a figure that undoubtedly owes much to the latest smartphones recently launched by the company, the iphone 6s and 6s plus. The third place goes to huawei , which with 26.5 million phones sold achieves a spectacular rise of 60.9% percent compared to the previous period and surprises all market analysts.

Samsung in the Lead

Who did not expect a “Rookie” company managed to grow so much in such a short time. Related posts meta moves into the metaverse with custom 3d avatars to use on any of its platforms google. Apple and samsung top the list of the most inspiring brands in the world how. To choose the best mobile to work the fourth and fifth position go to lenovo and xiaomi. With 18.8 and 18.3 million units sold, respectively. As far as market share is concerned, idc data places samsung at 23.8% , apple at 13.5%; huawei 7.5%; lenovo 5.3% and xiaomi 5.2%. The rest of the smartphone manufacturing companies share 44.8% of the remaining share.

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