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“The dynamics of variety, flexibility and options for growth and development are important for young people,” Geertje explains. “A ten-year career path is no longer an attractive employment condition. This generation of workers is associated with an organization for a shorter Bahamas Phone Number period of time. Keep that in mind and act accordingly. How bad is it when a young person leaves again? In addition, Geertje explains that the younger generation is not afraid to come back if they had a good time in their old place. Hester: “Consistency Bahamas Phone Number is not necessarily necessary.

Offer variety

If there are enough jobs, you can hop just fine.” For millennials, it doesn’t matter how long you work somewhere, it’s all about the impact they have on an organization. Hester agrees: “What you do in a team is more important than how long you work there”. “If I feel like a number, I drop out,” said Christina. In shortIf we have learned anything from the conversations with Geertje, Naomi, Hester, Christina, Anne and Tim, it is that the needs of Generation Y are crystal clear. be comfortable. To feel seen and heard. Challenge and variety.

Bahamas Phone Number List

Flexibility and choice

Sometimes lean on experienced hands and sometimes pull the cart yourself. Organizations can start immediately. They strip the most important things – that which really matters in interpersonal contact – of a layer of dust: listening, watching and learning from each other. We believe that this is an important role for internal communication specialists. Which generations are in your workplace and what do they actually know about each other. Facilitate fun conversations between colleagues and get to know each other’s needs and motivations. Connect colleagues from different generations and establish new collaborations. After all, you want to bind and fascinate everyone to the organization, right?

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