New Google Plus: Google’s Social Network

Google plus (” google+” or “G+” ), google’s social network, has always been on the mountain view company’s agenda, no matter what you read in the media (we even spoke in the summer of 2015 that his future was, to say the least, complicated ). With many changes, now a new google plus peeks out from the shadows to try to shine with its own light, re-defined and restructured. What the new google plus offers in principle, it is necessary to analyze the process and how it has unfolded during 2015. The first thing was to ‘remove’ the functions that were left over or underutilized, such as photos or hangout . It seems that the directive of the largest search engine in the world has already reached the point of understanding what works and what does not work in google’s social network.

With a redesign, the new google plus has decided to keep those functions that really gave it life: collections and communities , the latter being determined by several tests carried out on ‘hard’ users (loyal, or in other jargon, ‘hardcore users’) to determine their behaviors and preferences. Now, the new google plus focuses on providing different topics of conversation (from niche or special to massive) to be distributed among users via the Uganda Phone Number function. Subsequently (or collaterally) they have the function of ‘curating the content’ that they find to make the collections through the collections function . This new version of google plus has a direct impact on the mobile interface, with two re-launches of google’s social network in an app for both ios and android .

What the New Google Plus Offers

Google’s social network goes back to basics from the outset, it seems that the new google plus inspires a much lighter navigation, prostrating itself as a product with a more defined focus and purposes (before it seemed that you had a million options flying at you, with thousands of ways to share and interact but without something precise). Preview of the new google plus for those of google and especially for horowitz , coordinator of google’s social network , it was about going back to the basics to reinvent itself. Even when browsing the new google+ you will find some functions belonging to previous google social products: buzz, orkut or wave, just to give an example.

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This is how the new google plus works. Related posts tips to improve the results of your responsive ads on google now google suspends the. Sale and distribution of advertising in russia google will. Migrate smart shopping and local campaigns to the performance. Max format before september although it might seem that the efforts for google+ were. Never really aimed at turning it into a social network, however. It has become a space where the company is looking for a constant space to. Give community meaning to its users and, in the future. To be a really profitable space for companies (beyond slightly boosting seo for some brands and platforms).

Google’s Social Network Goes Back to Basics

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