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The 2014 Q2 mobile terminal enterprise market data was released. This year, Apple’s iOS continued to dominate the enterprise market, accounting for 67% of the market share (number of activations), but its lead was eroded by 5 percentage points Bulgaria Mobile Number from Android, whose share reached 32%. Windows Phone share is only 1%. BlackBerry cannot count because it uses its own technology. Good Technology, an enterprise mobile security technology company, releases quarterly data on the enterprise market for mobile devices.

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which had a 32% share. %. Windows Phone share is only 1%. BlackBerry cannot count because it uses its own technology. There’s good news for Apple, though. iOS continues to dominate the growing tablet market. Tablets account for 42% of mobile device applications, with iOS accounting for 90%. In terms of applications, document editing, instant Bulgaria Mobile Number messaging and customized applications are the three major categories of applications in the enterprise market; in terms of industry distribution, finance (32%), business and professional services (23%), manufacturing (11%), insurance (11%) are the top three users of enterprise mobile applications, respectively. Growth in the overall enterprise mobility market continues unabated, with a 20% growth rate in the last quarter.

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And according to a recent Forrester report, 70% of businesses plan to provide more mobility support for their employees within 12 months. Secondly, the passive voice uses a sentence structure which requires more cognitive effort. Your reader will spend valuable working memory on making sense of the sentence. This decreases the likelihood of Bulgaria Mobile Number you getting your message across. Last month, Apple and IBM reached a long-term in-depth cooperation, which is to carry out strategic cooperation in four aspects: customized iOS industry applications, iOS mobile management platform, 7 * 24-hour enterprise-level AppleCare and overall enterprise supply and management solutions including iOS devices. Given Apple’s desire to tap into the enterprise mobile market, they’re betting on the next decade.

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