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Following Ali’s footsteps, JD.com, Yihaodian, etc. have also stepped up their pace to distribute collections in various places to increase the stickiness of community users. JD.com joins hands with convenience stores such as Good On the Cusp of Jamaica Mobile Number Neighbor and Meiyijia. Yihaodian also announced in early July that it has opened a self-pickup service for orders in 300 “Family Mart” stores in Shanghai. At present, the strength of the major e-commerce sites in the community has an increasing trend.

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E-commerce pick-up points have spread from convenience stores to small shops in communities or schools, laundromats and even barber shops. In 2013, the third-party payment platform “Lakala” launched “Kaidianbao”, which entered Jamaica Mobile Number the field of e-commerce in a low-key manner. Community small and micro merchants are the main users of “Kaidianbao”. Compared with Alipay’s “going out”, Lakala chose to start from community e-commerce. Sun Taoran, president of Lakala, said in an exclusive interview with the media earlier, “Lakala eats the dish of community e-commerce.”

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Jamaica Mobile Number

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