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Recently, Suning has frequently made market adjustments, but every adjustment will be criticized. Does it really answer the phrase “there are many reds”, or who moved the cheese, or it may be that Suning hates iron and steel. , of course, it may also be fighting for consumers. What is Suning doing after two years of dormancy? In August two years Oman Mobile Number ago, an e-commerce battle between Suning and JD.com brought Suning.com into the attention of many consumers. At that time, Suning’s rapid growth also surprised the industry. However, within the next two years, Suning Electronics Co., Ltd. Businesses appear to be stuck in a growth bottleneck. However, it also depends on who you are comparing with. Compared with Alibaba and JD.com, Suning is still behind.

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However, the transaction volume of Suning.com has already exceeded that of established e-commerce companies such as Dingdong, Amazon, and Yihaodian, and is even far ahead of its old rivals. 3 position. Of course, this is not an arena, but a Oman Mobile Number battlefield. No. 3 in the industry is of little significance. Suning’s goal is to be No. 1 in the industry. However, Suning’s development in the past two years seems to have not been smooth. The reason is that “internal e-commerce infrastructure construction” Insufficient, the external market changes frequently”.

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Oman Phone Number List
Oman Phone Number List

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