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It is the frustration of many a marketer who keeps up with the social media of his or her organization: you constantly have to go after all the content yourself. You ask your colleagues for input, you send reminders and in the end you are largely doing it yourself again. Recognizable? Time to Chile Phone Number give it another go! With these 5 steps you will involve your colleagues in creating content for your social media channels. The customer service people, the account managers, the office staff, the salespeople: they know better than anyone else what is going on with your customers. What problems do they have, what keeps them busy? And so: what can your company help them with? That Chile Phone Number produces interesting and relevant content. Now all you need to do is surface them so that you can post those stories on your social media channels.

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They had already prepared scenarios for this situation and were able to adapt their business operations and marketing mix more quickly based on this. 1. Scenario Planning To quickly Chile Phone Number anticipate change, it helps if you know what changes to expect. Scenario planning makes risks, megatrends, microtrends, uncertainties and their long-term effects tangible. It has a military origin. Since the 1960s, governments and business people have been using it to determine their long-term strategy. Shell was one of the first to start doing this. Well Chile Phone Number before the oil crisis, Shell had already prepared scenarios for the development of the oil market. This enabled the company to respond more quickly to the new situation and make better choices than its competitors.


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In the current age of climate change, pandemics and international instability, scenario planning is back in fashion. Workshops and training courses are offered everywhere. Scenario Chile Phone Number planning for scarcity: four future scenarios after the Covid-19 pandemic, source: 2.At the time, McKinsey developed the MABA analysis for General Electric.

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