Online Marketing in Spain: a Pending Issue for Companies

We all know that traditional marketing techniques have not disappeared. Not much less. But we are also aware of the importance of implementing a digital marketing strategy in our company. Technology changes, evolves . And with it the different ways of communicating with our users, our clients and potential clients. To know what they want, how they want it, when they want it… All through our website, rrss, etc., with a single and ultimate goal: that our company be profitable, that it grow. Knowledge is power and therein lies much of the importance of online marketing and its correct subsequent analysis. The timid commitment to online marketing in spain prodware has carried out a new study , a new survey on the maturity of companies in our country related to this matter.

Sample that was taken at the annual online marketing and digital advertising show omexpo , among the attendees. The result? More than half of spanish companies are between levels 1 and 2 of the 7 stages of digital maturity established by sitecore based on digital practice Kazakhstan Phone Number company strategy. An important brushstroke of the study before entering to break down the data: more than 50% of spanish companies assure that they only focus their digital marketing strategy on creating an online presence through their website, their networks and their mobile sites . All for the purpose of distributing your own content.

The Timid Commitment to Online Marketing in Spain

Personalization and online marketing in spain that is why one of the main challenges faced by companies that bet on online marketing in spain is to adapt as best as possible to consumers and customers , as well as to new and potential ones. And it is that the survey has also revealed that only 10% of the companies surveyed acknowledge offering a personalized digital experience. It is also surprising that 46% of companies have not yet adapted to the multi-device environment (mobile, tablet, desktop…) something necessary to satisfy the user at any time or place. In addition , 11% also do not even measure the results of that digital marketing strategy in a specific way. One of the most notable errors.

Kazakhstan Phone Number

Since it is useless to implement a strategy to follow. If later we are not aware of how it is working. If we do not measure the data with the exhaustiveness that they require. Lack of involvement when betting on online marketing in spain finally. Another curious fact is that 38% of those surveyed say that the management of their company is very. Involved in the digital marketing strategy , while 33% say that the involvement is medium and 29% classify it as low. . Something really worrying, since it is essential that the people who are in “Command”. Of the company are fully involved in what refers to digital marketing strategy. That they be aware of its importance and devote a large part of their efforts and budget in this regard.

Personalization and Online Marketing in Spain

Related posts 8m: what is the reality of women in the digital sector. The protagonists speak top: the fastest growing digital professions in spain (linkedin). How to find a value proposition and define your buyer persona conclution? It is a study that can become a wake-up call for companies when carrying out their online marketing strategies in spain . It is very important that we begin to be aware of the relevance of a good digital marketing strategy for companies, for brands. Some time ago it ceased to be a complement in the general marketing strategy to become its backbone on many occasions.

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