Pinterest Takes a New Step Towards Ecommerce

Through a post on its official blog , pinterest has provided one more reason (or several) to maintain the freshness and attraction of its community, which is already highly participatory when it comes to talking about e-commerce through social networks . Improving ecommerce searches on the pinterest shop pinterest has gone a step further by launching ” the pinterest shop “, something like a pinterest store, where you can buy different collections of products through the famous “Pins” (or pins) within the platform. Pinterest affirms that with this movement it seeks to promote social commerce within its platform; in this way, the pinterest shop will show collections selected by the same team of the social network, including products from famous brands within it such as bloomingdales and nordstrom .

According to the direction of the popular social network, the pinterest shop will be present in the next update of its app (first reaching android ), which will also include the purchase buttons that have already been working on ios for 5 months. It will also include a category properly called ” shop “, with the search function to locate Uruguay Phone Number for sale, and among it a list of “Top 10” trends (this according to the success they are having among the pinterest community). Buyable pins, pinterest’s secret weapon for ecommerce it should be mentioned that pinterest is one of the social networks that is most committed to electronic commerce (mobile and from the computer) .

Improving Ecommerce Searches on the Pinterest Shop

The best example is the boost that the social network has given to its ” buyable pins “. The main support of its e-commerce side. These are special pins that allow you to make a purchase from pinterest itself. Without having to leave the platform, as we explained at the time. Related posts pinterest uses augmented reality so you can. Check how your new furniture will look social media images 2022. What sizes and formats you should use pinterest buys the vochi. Editing tool to enhance video content these special pins are what allow you to make a purchase from pinterest. Without having to leave their platform.

Uruguay Phone Number

While these pins already supported complex ecommerce systems (for example, shopify ), last month pinterest opened its doors to new online sellers and buyers by expanding its shopping pins to other ecommerce platforms . With a valuation of 11,000 million dollars ( more than 10,316 million euros ), pinterest is looking for more and more ways to increase its income from its advertising and e-commerce offer . Do you already use pinterest advertising or buy buttons?Share your experience with this social network. Although data on the users who have used this possibility have not been made public, just take a look at your facebook wall to see that the response has been massive.

Buyable Pins, Pinterest’s Secret Weapon for Ecommerce

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