Pinterest Will Start Showing Video Ads

Pinterest has decided to change its advertising options. Since it will start inserting video ads as platforms such as facebook and twitter have already done successfully before . In fact, on facebook the video experience is fully integrated, and there are. More than 8,000 million views per day, which also give better interaction rates. Than the rest of the content despite initially starting in silent. Video is becoming more and more the preferred format of those who invest in. Online advertising, so it is expected that in the coming months they will increase their budget in it. Knowing this, pinterest should jump on the bandwagon. Of showing video ads to optimize its results and those of its advertisers. Although no details of how they will implement it are known, it is to be that they will do so soon.

Will pinterest video ads succeed? It seems likely that the initiative will be successful. If the social network encourages greater video viewing among its users. Something that is likely to happen, since this is not the main activity they carry out. More used to Bolivia Phone Number List collections of images. Also keep in mind that being the most visual platform of all, showing video ads on pinterest can be an idea that works. They just have to know how to implement it well. It is possible. According to some north american media reports , that pinterest is betting on native. Ads that adapt to the experience of using the social platform so that advertisers can promote themselves. With video ads in a way that appears natural, making users users feel comfortable with these new ads.

Will Pinterest Video Ads Succeed?

But before the ads, the ideal would be to create better video experiences. Before pinterest video ads: cinematic pins last year they introduced their first moving image ad unit , somewhat similar to gifs, cinematic pins . Although it will be nothing compared to the new advertising strategy that the platform’s advertisers have in store. Some major companies have already taken an interest in video ads, such as the media giant nbc universal. More than a million companies use pinterest , according to the last count by the company , so potential advertisers interested in this new advertising format have yet to be determined. It is clear that things are going to change on pinterest in the coming months.

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With the difference that the profits of the others are not to grow at the rate of facebook’s profits. Where can facebook go in the future? Apart from surprising us with a big purchase, the social network is giving clues as to what it wants to do to increase facebook’s profits. Its strategy has two basic pillars: grow in users and increase the average income per user. To grow in users, facebook has its sights set on emerging markets , both in asia and africa, where it still has a lot of room for improvement. Like google, facebook is committed to bringing the internet connection to places where it does not exist now or it is very difficult for it to exist. You know that there is a potential market for growth.

Before Pinterest Video Ads: Cinematic Pins

For this reason, it has launched a light version of its mobile application , designed for low-end smartphones. At the same time, it has begun to show its letters with whatsapp. The most widely used messaging app in the world will exchange data with facebook. This means opening new fields of personalization for advertising and, therefore, a possibility of increasing facebook’s profits. In addition, whatsapp itself will offer premium services for companies that. Although they have not been revealed yet, it can be that they will revolve around the possibility. Of messages and the use that many companies already make of the application. As a customer service channel or mass sending of messages.

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