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From content to marketing, it’s the same logic. It should be no surprise that if you bury your head in content, you will die ugly. Unless, of course, you have a monopoly. Then you don’t have to worry about when online education breaks out. You explode when you do. So it’s actually a matter of path selection. Which entry point should you enter? To Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number put it aside: under the complete ecological chain, the three links are not divided into divisions of labor, but one family can take all. Just make tools without content, in the Internet age, you will be killed sooner or later. Just look at what BAT has done. The Internet only has first and second place, and the winner takes all. It is difficult to cut into marketing. Because it is difficult for entrepreneurs without resources to have strong enough marketing capabilities to PK giants.

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It’s harder to cut in from the tool. Because there is no content, the ghost knows what the tool should be made of? Although content is generated by tools, tools also need to be optimized by content. In the gold rush in the west, there must be a large group of gold diggers before anyone sells tools. So this path seems unquestionable to me: do the Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number content. This is also the reason why I think BAT has no idea about online education at all. They started out as a platform, and they didn’t take content seriously. They forget that when they first got up, they also started with content.

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Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number
Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number

Tencent came around a bit, so it cooperated with New Oriental. This is how the giants cut in: strong cooperation. Unfortunately, strong cooperation rarely succeeds. This is another business question. Starting from the content, it is a foreseeable opportunity for the online education industry to explode. In the long run, this is the success of the model, but the content itself is not the model. And it’s dirty work, hard work, work that others don’t want Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number to do. To put it a little further, cultural and creative industries are essentially the same. Huayi got up through Feng Xiaogang. Huayi’s foresight is exactly what to do if there is no content. Therefore, Huayi’s layout is also content: content is produced by itself, and content is used across multiple channels. This content-based model is nothing new, like DreamWorks Hollywood. Apple also sells content, but it looks

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