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After two years mainly dominated by Covid, lockdowns and quarantines, 2022 looks set to be a great new beginning, also for IT companies and software. Due to the growth in working from home and thus online, the demand for IT services remains high. In the field of software development, a lot is Croatia Phone Number going to happen again this year. What can we expect? I list the 8 most important software Croatia Phone Number trends for 2022. The software and IT sector is expected to show volume growth of around 4 percent. Slightly lower than in 2021, but still a good prospect (source: ING ).

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The dip in the second quarter of 2020 therefore seems to be behind us for good. 1. Progressive Web Applications are a hit PWAs are not exactly trending yet, but that will really Croatia Phone Number change in the near future. More and more companies are seeing the benefits of Progressive Web Apps. They are responsive, super fast, can be used offline, very user-friendly and relatively easy to develop. Add to that the high degree of security and the low costs and you understand why the PWA is a trend that will Croatia Phone Number continue. Big names like Starbucks, Pinterest and the Washington Post are already there. For example, Starbucks has developed a PWA ordering functionality. This allows customers to navigate through the menu, adjust their orders and already add them to their shopping cart. Even when they are offline.


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In addition, the PWA has the look and feel of a native app. We therefore expect more demand for this software in the coming years. 2. More and more low-code development DIY is in, also when it comes to programming. A logical development, programmers are by nature automationists, so Croatia Phone Number  developing software is also becoming easier. Just look at the growing range of no-code and low-code development tools such as Mendix and Betty Blocks. Setting up your own website or application is easier than ever with this. Another advantage of low-code software: writing less code means less chance of (security) errors.

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