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If you’re moving to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you’ll probably want to include your existing goal conversions from Universal Analytics (GA3). Only, some target types are no longer support. For example, conversions with target type ‘Duration’. In this article I share a workaround so that you can still transfer these conversions. Please note: Last week, Google announc that Universal Analytics will be discontinu on July 1, 2023. If you’ve been Israel Phone Number pushing the transition to Google Analytics 4, now is the time to get on with it. Do you want to be able to make year-on-year comparisons? Then make sure you have Google Analytics 4 in order at least before 1 July Israel Phone Number this year. Goal conversions in Universal Analytics Okay, let’s take a step back first. What do we mean by target conversions?

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In Universal Analytics you can set conversions with the ‘Goals’ function. Here’s a screenshot of the New Goal screen in Universal Analytics: Screenshot ‘new target’ in Israel Phone Number Universal Analytics Screenshot of the ‘new target’ screen in Universal Analytics. When setting up a goal, you can choose from the following goal types: Destination: you use this for conversions based on a thank you page. For example after submitting a form. Duration: you use this if you want to measure a conversion when, for example, a visitor is on your website for 5 minutes or longer. Pages/screens per session: you use this if you want to measure a conversion when, for example, a visitor has Israel Phone Number viewed 3 pages or more. Event: you use this if you want to set a conversion based on an existing event. For example, when a video has finished watching or when a certain button has been clicked. This article focuses on the second option, target type ‘Duration’.

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We use this to set conversions when visitors have been on the website for x number of minutes. This is what the settings in Universal Analytics look like: Screenshot target type Duration in Universal Analytics Screenshot of the ‘new target’ screen step 2: Target type ‘Duration’. Migrate target typeIsrael Phone Number ‘Duration’ conversions to Google Analytics 4 With GA4, Google has completely moved away from ‘Goals’. You now all need to set up conversions via ‘Events’. There are no more ready-made target types available. If you want to bring your goals with goal type ‘Duration’ from Universal Analytics to GA4, a workaround is needed. That is why I have developed a solution that allows you to mimic this Israel Phone Number functionality relatively easily. This solution uses Google Tag Manager and is ready to import into your website. Before you start, Google Tag Manager must be installed and the GA4 configuration tag must be present in your container.

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