Snapchat App Prepares Its Entry Into Ecommerce

In may of this year, a great wave of rumors arose that snapchat had invested (not bought) in spring, an application that in just over a year has carved out a niche for itself as a specialized fashion marketplace, in which users can buy more than 850 different brands of clothing and accessories without shipping costs. And they are rumors, because neither the snapchat app nor spring spokespersons have said anything official about it. The data only appeared in a recode.Net note. What is behind this operation? Rubén bastón analyzes in detail the features of snapchat in this video : why is snapchat app in spring?

If you are wondering what interest snapchat has in a shopping application, the answer is simple: they are moving towards social ecommerce and the first public step was taken in november 2014. On that date snapchat introduced snapcash, which allows users to send and receive money through their credit cards that must first be linked to Malta Phone Number application. If you thought that everything ended in sending money…, then you are wrong. If you are only going to focus on sending and receiving money, you can use services such as western union. Those of snapchat want more, and it is normal that they are warming up the engines in social e-commerce .

Why Is Snapchat App in Spring?

Facebook, google and twitter are also targeting product sales, not just ads. From spring we know that it is an application that has raised almost 30 million euros in investment rounds , not counting the financing of snapchat app. Enough time has passed since this rumor was made public in may 2015. In 2016 we must prepare for a snapchat surprise. Snapchat, the app with 6 billion views what started as a short video messaging service between friends has evolved into a channel where stories are shared, which can be seen by several friends at the same time and even by a larger audience. And that’s not even mentioning features like replay, rewind, and stickers that make it very entertaining to use.

Malta Phone Number

A series of functionalities that have meant that, as we mentioned at the time , snapchat app has already reached the top of the social podium among young americans , or that at the beginning of november it has exceeded the incredible number of 6,000 million of videos and messages viewed per day . An unimaginable amount that, in addition, is triple the record that snapchat itself had reached in may 2015. The next steps of snapchat app? Related posts how much do professionals in the digital sector earn in spain (2021) history of social networks.

Snapchat, the App With 6 Billion Views

How they were born and what was their evolution history of snapchat: evolution of a ghost app… that is still very much alive the next step is to shop on a social app . There are already antecedents from which to’. Wechat (china) and tango (usa) are both messaging applications with integrated online shopping. Get ready, they will take our pocket money in a few seconds. We will be protagonists of impulse purchases of jaw-dropping products, such as those intimate and dimly lit videos that circulate among teenagers on the snapchat app. Welcome to the scares, that’s what ghosts generate, right?

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