Snapchat Videos Are a Threat to Twitter Ad Revenue in 2016

During 2015 we saw how snapchat underwent redesigns and was. Restructured to find a place within the global context of electronic commerce. And advertising in media and social networks. This hard work seems to be beginning to bear its first fruits . What started as a short video messaging service between friends has evolved into. A channel where stories are shared, which can be seen by several friends. At the same time and even by a larger audience. Now, snapchat videos seem to have become a top-tier competitive weapon in the ad market. The potential of snapchat videos in 2016 noah Mallin. Head of social strategy for north america at mec global (one of the main buyers of online ads in north America).

Declares through business insider that there are enough reasons to believe that snapchat will jump to become a great contender in the world of online advertising. In 2016, specifically competing with twitter in this area. It is through snapchat videos that the company of the “Ephemeral messaging network” wants to take a big leap. To deepen the analysis, we must Jordan Phone Number that snapchat started its way in the sale of advertising in october 2014 , with a not very successful start due to the great absence of network data (which is, in other words, the raw material to work with brands). Since then, several improvements have been introduced that, although they still make it look far from a performance at the pace of facebook or google.

The Potential of Snapchat Videos in 2016

They have given snapchat videos an approval within the advertising sector. Snapchat videos, the “Secret weapon” it will be through the videos on snapchat where the network becomes a real threat . Snapchat’s new video ad formats show a lot of promise, with an ad modality that lets you choose from sponsored ‘lens’ ads (allowing the user to overlay branded graphics and animations) to video ads on snapchat 3v (“vertical + video + views”). According to mallin , it will be a matter of statistics and time for the good performance of these formats to prove, during the first half of 2016, that the ephemeral system must be taken into account very seriously. This is where, as a first objective, snapchat takes aim at twitter to take the scepter in a realm where the microblogging social network has not been able to develop a convincing proposal around video ads.

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And it is twitter that is the most affected by the potential growth of Snapchat. Since both create an interaction via mobile and live from the magic of the moment. And live interaction around a brand or an event. Related posts history of social networks: how they were born and what was. Their evolution history of snapchat: evolution of a ghost app… That is still very much alive this is how the new tiktok stickers are. They will follow your movements do you think that snapchat. Videos are the ideal weapon for the latter to jump (finally) to stardom in the world of online ads? Share your opinion. Tons of clothes piling up on a chair. A beautiful spotted coat during christmas dinner.

Snapchat Videos, the “Secret Weapon”

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