Snapchat Will Allow Any User to Pay

Not long ago snapchat announced the extension of the capacity of its traditional “ geofilters ”, turning them into a monetization strategy and business model. For those who don’t know about “ snapchat geofilters ”, it is a snapchat option that allows users to add a specific filter related to the location where they are broadcasting their photo or video. Above all, type of filter became very popular, as it made snapchat users recognize where the photo of their or contact was taken. However, monetization of geofilters in itself, already on the monetization of this feature with the brands, mcdonald’s became the first company to pay snapchat to activate one of its sponsored snapchat geofilters with an advertising campaign.

Based on this, users were able to find sponsored geofilters for their mcdonald’s-branded snapchat messages through geolocation. Today, the “Ephemeral social network” company is taking snapchat geofilters to another level. In addition to community snapchat geofilters (which do not include Japan Phone Number List or marketing elements and can be sent for free) and sponsored geofilters (where big brands can cover a large area available for ad display), today snapchat is introducing “on – snap” geofilters . Demand geofilters”. With “on-demand” snapchat geofilters, literally anyone with a bit of design flair can pay snapchat to create and distribute self-created geofilters.

The Monetization of Geofilters

Don’t be afraid, but take action with this accelerated mobile pages project. Google has stated that the pages that use it will not immediately achieve. A rise in their positioning, but the path indicates that the system is moving there. Seo factors continue to be important as well as speed. But it is more likely that between two articles with similar content. The one with a higher ranking in download speed will be the one that appears first. Websites that are currently receiving the most visits from mobile. Devices should take action and investigate how they can take advantage of accelerated mobile pages html.

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What are you saying? Will you be using the new snapchat geofilters as a marketing tool for your business? Share your opinion. Twitter is and has been a revolution of the internet and of communication. For instance, the absence of knowing the final figures this afternoon, the balance estimated by the gsma. Organizer of the mobile world congress 2016 speaks of an economic impact. In barcelona of 460 million euros and the creation of 13,000 temporary jobs . The 4yfn, the startup congress that is in parallel, its doors with the participation of 12,500 people.

Snapchat Geofilters Open to the Public

Have you heard of google’s accelerated mobile pages (amp)? Therefore, basically consists of a project to create web pages in html language. Under new standards that speed up download speeds by up to 85%, according to google. Rubén bastón explains it in this video: amp HTML is an open-source platform where anyone can write web pages. That are more optimized to download instantly on users’ mobile devices. Above all, is to support intelligent caching. With higher predictable performance. In conclusion, tags that in this type of programming are script, base, frame. Above all, and new ones appear like amp-img, amp-video, amp-audio , etc.

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