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Last saturday, january 30, I attended smmday (social media marketing day) barcelona. It is an event that brings together social media. Seo and digital marketing professionals who, in a close and relaxed atmosphere, make it a perfect time to share information. Learn about the latest news and trends in the sector and learn a little. More about social media management . The first speaker was rostislav torchinskiy , social media manager at semrush. Who gave a presentation entitled “what to measure in social networks and what tools to use to get the most out of it?”. In it he explained to us why it is important to measure in social networks. What metrics are the most relevant and what tools he recommended us to use. We share this information below. So that those of you who have not been able to attend, do not miss any details.

Social media management: the importance of measuring if social networks occupy an important place in our digital strategy, we will have to measure what happens in them in order to have control and make decisions in this regard. Rotislav explained to us why it is so important to measure for proper social media management: it is a communication channel with your audience. Opportunity to analyze the success of your content. It is a way to know the interests of the users / potential Bahamas Phone Number List that is in this channel. You can make comparisons with your competitors. Indeed, as the speaker commented, if social networks are already a channel of communication with your audience, it is essential that you analyze how it works and what engagement the content you offer generates in order to make decisions and reconsider your strategy if necessary.

The Importance of Measuring

As john munsell, ceo of bizzuka, says, “If content is king, conversation is queen.” In addition, social networks are a good channel to get to know your target audience better. And be able to see what the competition is doing and, if they do it better than you. Make decisions to improve. What to measure in social networks surely on several occasions. You have heard how important it is to measure and especially, now that we are talking about social media. To do it on social networks. Well, effectively, in the management of social networks. Measurement is fundamental, but the million dollar question is: what do we measure? Here we share the most relevant metrics. Activity -> analyze what we are publishing / sharing with our audience. Audience -> number of followers in a social network. Engagement / engagement rate (%) -> it is the sum of all the actions carried out on social networks.

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In the case of engagement rate, it is as a percentage. Social traffic -> social traffic through social networks. It is a common mistake to look only at the number of followers that are being achieved on a social network, but that is not really measuring social networks, we would be forgetting to assess other very relevant metrics. If the activity is monitored, it will be possible to know the effectiveness of what is being shared and to be able to redirect and perfect the strategy that is being considered. The same goes for assessing engagement. It is essential to see how the users of a social network interact, how your target audience behaves. Finally, regarding social traffic and social network management, I would like to highlight a phrase that was at the event that I think is very appropriate for this metric.

What to Measure in Social Networks

Genís roca , founder and president of rocasalvatella, commented a few years ago that “ social networks are a nightclub. The goal there is for them to give you the phone or come home (excuse me)». In other words, the objective is to obtain information. From that user to be able to communicate with him later or take him to the web. But if he only stays on social networks, you will not have achieved anything. As genís roca stated, then you will have acted as a pagan. 7 tools to measure in social networks it is important to keep in mind that. As razan khatib says, “You are the tool for social media, twitter (or any other social network). Is just an application for you to grow and influence within your society.” It is very good to be present on social networks.

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