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Do you want to get more traffic from social networks? According to alexa research, social networks. Drive 0.8% – 12.2% of traffic to a website. With news and Ivory Coast Phone Number  information websites getting. The most social media traffic. One way to drive social media traffic. To your website is to encourage your website visitors. To share the content of their interactions on social media. In this article, we will show you how to add. Social sharing buttons to your website. To increase social media traffic to your website. Where you should use social sharing buttons What is the most shareable content on your Ivory Coast Phone Number  website? Chances are, if you have a blog, it will be the content of your blog. Think about the content of your website. That people want to share the most and make. Sure the content has a social sharing button.

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With a specific call to action. According to VWO clicks on the main. CTA button add to cart increased by 11.9%. When the social sharing button was removed from the Ivory Coast Phone Number home page. The best way to change your website is to do A/B testing. Make sure the primary goal of the page benefits from the addition of social sharing buttons. How publications use top social sharing buttons. Since news and information websites get the most. Traffic on social media, let’s take a look at how top news. Websites use social sharing buttons. Starting at Billboard you’ll see a social sharing button placed at the Ivory Coast Phone Number top of the post, under the title. Some social media experts say this is not the best place to make a social sharing button.

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Buttons When you start browsing articles, a social sharing button appears at the top right of the screen. This option allows readers to share the article as soon as. They Ivory Coast Phone Number   are ready even if they have not yet done so. Yahoo Sports offers a similar feature on its website. This also allows the reader to share. The article when ready, without having to scroll. To the top of the article Ivory Coast Phone Number   or to the end. The Harvard business review offers a social sharing. Button near the top of the article as well as. The end of the article, under the author’s label. Unfortunately these social sharing buttons. Buttons How & Where to Help Them. Ideally, visitors won’t decide to share an article until they’ve read it.

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