Social Networks Certify the Demise

No one is unaware that we are in the closest electoral campaign of at least the last 15 years . The great novelty of these elections is the more than possible rupture of bipartisanship in spain, something not seen since the time of the ucd, with the entry of two new formations, podemos and ciudadanos , who present themselves as champions of the «new politics». And the other great novelty is that, this time, the machinery of all the parties has turned to the networks as never before. Especially in regard to the electoral debates, which are being the main protagonists of the campaign. The emergence of two new political forces with the potential to govern has triggered interest in electoral debates like never before.

Both the debate for four and the debate for two yesterday were the most watched television events of the year , although the fight and the mobilization were on social networks . Both twitter and facebook became tools for monitoring and discussing what was happening on television, something that the parties no longer ignore and for which they had their machinery Lithuania Phone Number oiled. In the four-way electoral debates, both the one organized by el país (conceived to be followed on the internet) and the one by atresmedia , there were two main protagonists, precisely the absent ones: mariano rajoy and alberto garzón. While the pp’s strategy in the first debate was to ignore him and in the second, in which he was represented by the vice president of the government.

Electoral Debates and Social Networks

It was to pretend that rajoy had no reason to be there. Alberto garzón’s strategy was brilliant. His tweet ironically asking people if they liked his intervention has been. Without a doubt, the protagonist of the campaign on twitter. Are you liking my speech? It is what democracy has. Which is under the regime #7deldebatedecisivo – alberto garzón december 7, 2015 a basic foundation. Of political mareting is that you go to electoral debates, above all, not to screw up . If this was already basic before, now it is an obsession, since any. Mistake on the part of a candidate will immediately become viral and amplified with memes ad infinitum. And in the first two electoral debates, rajoy’s absence was, in fact, one of the great topics of discussion (and ridicule) on social networks.

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There are a couple of examples: the winner of the debate has been this meme. Gerardo tecédecember 7, 2015 vinardell december 8, 2015 regardless of the parties’ strategy, the social networks saw rajoy’s absence in these electoral debates as a mistake , and mistakes pay dearly. Let’s not forget that humor is, today, the king of twitter. Electoral debates and social networks, fertile ground for new parties the strategy of the new parties has been clear and has achieved its objective quite well in view of the polls. Its mission in the electoral debates has been to present psoe and pp as old , rusty and outdated parties, while presenting itself as the “Parties of decent and honest people”. The fact that podemos and ciudadanos owe much of their success to communication is not a coincidence. Its strategy is based on two basic interconnected pillars: television and social networks.

Fertile Ground for New Parties

In this way, not only the electoral debates but also any public appearance of the candidates. Of both parties is, in reality, an opportunity to generate buzz in the social networks. Which are widely by their electorate. The surveys make it clear that both parties. Sweep among those under 45 , precisely the segment of the population that uses social networks most actively. Psoe and pp are in tow in a strategy that is clearly uncomfortable for them. Social networks prioritize interaction with their followers, something that the two classic parties do not digest well. It could even be said that it is obvious that they are quite. Their strategy has been much more restricted than that of the new parties.

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