Social Selling: 4 Linkedin Tips to Generate B2b Leads

Many linkedin users do not take full advantage of this social network. Especially when it comes to social selling (or social selling, in english) . Recently, an article by inc.Com echoed a conference offered by mike derezin. Vice president of sales solutions at linkedin, in which he provided four keys for users to. Optimize their linkedin profile and get the most out of the social network’s premium tools. Such as its “Sales navigator”. What is social selling or social selling first of all. Let’s start at the beginning: do you know what social selling is? Basically a way to get useful contacts for your company or business (especially new clients) through social networks . Something like bringing the capacity for personal relationships that every good commercial possesses to the digital realm.

Of course, the most suitable environment for this is professional networks, as is the case with linkedin. Do you want to know how to put it into practice? Here are linkedin’s four tips for generating b2b leads and harnessing the potential of social selling: social selling: create your personal brand and professional profile what should not be missing in a good professional profile focused on Egypt Phone Number selling according to linkedin? Vital information for the consumer, all that useful knowledge to solve problems of the typical or ideal consumer. Users or buyers are constantly searching on linkedin and a good profile can be the gateway to a meeting. Likewise, mike derezin suggests incorporating valuable content: presentations, white papers, success stories, etc.

What Is Social Selling or Social Selling

Social selling: seek (and find) the right people “the days of the single buyer are over,” says derezin. Every day more people are involved in a sales or decision-making process at the b2b level, on average 5.4 or 10, if key influencers are included. For this reason, in social selling it is necessary to have a clear image of who these influencers are , know how to map the network and define a strategy to approach them. Social selling: interact through content. Content is essential to maintain relevance to key customers and an ideal instrument to support social selling. This interaction has two parts: posting and sharing, and (of course) receiving useful information. Social selling: build strong relationships how much time and resources are needed to make commercial visits?

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Linkedin offers users the possibility of establishing relationships with potential clients, known or unknown, through tools such as messages and inmails. And of course, analyze and measure everything . This is another of the possibilities that linkedin offers, through its different tools for social selling. A good tip: start by analyzing your own profile in sales navigator related posts 5 novelties that will star in the future of linkedin top: the best apps and websites to look for a job in spain (2022) social media images 2022: what sizes and formats you should use you can also watch mike derezin’s lecture here , in which he presents real success stories.

Social Selling: Build Strong Relationships

Different companies have been able to take advantage of this social network not only to establish business relationships. But also to recruit talent or measure and evaluate business processes, to which until now they could not put metrics. Without going any further, the popular social network published the existence. Of incidents in its use during the morning of january 16 update (13:00). Twitter still does not give more details about the fall. But it seems that most of the spanish users begin to be able to use their accounts. Although with some limitations and new punctual falls.

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