Socialred: a Curious and Alternative Spanish Social Network

We need alternatives. We are in a danger point of hyperconcentration of social network users on facebook , linkedin , twitter , google+ , pinterest and instagram . They are the great western networks that have engulfed relationships, messages and exchanges in our circle of influence. Bbut, surely you agree with me that monopolies are not healthy. Luckily, ideas like this come up from time to time: socialred.Com do you already know her? At the moment, access is by invitation and there are aspects that make it a unicorn or quasi-experiment online. Socialred: a social initiative created in alicante socialred is a community of personal contacts and networking for people over 18 years of age.

It was born in 2012 as an initiative of the cánovas group and already has versions in five languages ​​(spanish, english, french, german and italian). Its distinctive feature is that it unifies the typical functionalities of social networks and at the same time generates economic income. The user is a member of the platform that operates as an online franchise. Each person who Israel Phone Number or recommends socialred receives 60% in commissions. And the platform comments that it allocates 10% of its turnover to social responsibility projects. As they point out on their website (and I quote) their objective is: being the social network of people. To be the social network that builds valuable relationships among its members.

Socialred: a Social Initiative Created in Alicante

Being the social network that offers opportunities for economic and professional development, facilitating job placement, entrepreneurship and leadership. To be the social network that contributes to social evolution and facilitates fair and equal economic redistribution. To be the responsible social network, collaborating in the development and construction of a better society. Once you are a member you can choose a premium service and become a franchise partner of the platform and recommend it to your acquaintances. Socialred: will it have a future? I harbor doubts. I’ve been trying for three days to get an invitation to enter this network and I still don’t have it .

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There is a veil of mystery and inaccessibility in socialred that only seems to yield to tenacious users. The common mortals are not in it. As we commented then, this technique can be, apparently. As invasive because it is a much more direct advertisement. And it is based on the navigation that the user has previously made on the site. In cases like these, we see that it is possible to turn this technique. Into a useful tool for the client in an original and fun way. The worten online campaign, step by step for those who were clear about what they wanted. And wanted to send hints to their family or friends, the first thing worten asked for online is to enter the page. Once there, they had to specify: what product did they want to receive.

Socialred: Will It Have a Future?

With the possibility of choosing from a wide variety of products: mobile phones, tablets , televisions, roomba robot, ebook ,… Who to send the hints to: mothers, fathers, children, grandparents… There was also the possibility of sending hints to our partner, which is not bad at all if the user is a girl or a boy to take it into account when customizing the message that will be shown to the person you have. Once the above information is specified, we will be able to see what type of message the user to whom the hint will be sent to can receive, taking into account the information that has been previously specified. Christmas hints worten – selection once this is done, they ask to know the name and email of the user as well as the email of the person you want to impact in order to send the congratulations.

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