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The software giant said the number of Windows Phone app store apps is adding hundreds of new apps every day. Of course, on the basis of the increase in quantity, the quality of applications is also constantly improving. As we all know, applications are often an important factor in the success of a mobile platform. Many Windows UAE Mobile Number Phone Lumia phones have been lauded for their innovative and user-friendly features. However, without the necessary apps to support it, consumers will inevitably turn to competitors’ platforms. Therefore, the expansion of the number of applications

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Will attract consumers from the monopoly Apple and Android platforms. In the mobile market, Windows Phone ranks third behind Apple and Android. Still, according to the research report, Windows Phone’s share of the mobile market is only 3 percent. In June, Apple said the number of apps in its App Store had reached 1.2 million. However, the UAE Mobile Number growth in the number of Windows Phone apps has been impressive. In June 2012, the app store had 100,000 apps, and by the end of the year that number had grown to 150,000, and by December 2013 to 200,000. By June of this year, the number of applications in the Windows Phone application store reached 300,000, which has increased by 100,000 in just six months.

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UAE Phone Number List
UAE Phone Number List

A Microsoft spokesperson said, “We already have 300,000 Windows Phone apps, and the number of apps in the Windows Phone App Store continues to grow. In the past year alone, Windows and Windows Phone apps have grown by 94%, while UAE Mobile Number the number of active developers has grown. 50%.” The news that the number of apps in the Windows Phone app store has reached 300,000 has been confirmed by Microsoft public relations spokeswoman Julie Morgan. The spokesperson also expects that Windows Universal Apps will drive further growth in the number of Windows Phone Store apps. (Tianmen Mountain)

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