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Every year, the best digital marketing companies in the world. Come together in tailor-made events to recognize the best performances in areas such as social media. The creation of mobile applications or affiliate marketing . In spain, without going any further, the eawards represent the. Clearest example of this type of event. But if we focus on the field of creativity. And expand the focus to the international level, the cannes lions stand out from the rest. The cannes lions 2015 in spain yesterday, the cannes lions 2015 award ceremony. At the spanish level, organized by scopen in madrid, took place in madrid. During the event, which had a great following on social networks. The spanish creatives collected the 48 achieved in this edition. The main role of this gala of the international festival. Of creativity fell on the ddb agency , which literally needed a car to be able.

In any case, not only ddb took the stage to collect their awards. Among the agencies honored at the event, which included the winners of the last edition of the festival, names such as gray spain or lola mullen low stood out. Spain, in a prominent place in the cannes lions in the world related posts spain triumphs at cannes lions with the stevenage challenge campaign for burger king the truth is that this new edition of the cannes lions has served to certify the good health of spanish creativity, which Poland Phone Number List sixth in number of awards won, in a ranking dominated by the united states, followed by the united kingdom and brazil . With these results, spain manages to improve its performance in a position in the previous year, in which the creatives of our country received 3 7 awards.

The Cannes Lions 2015 in Spain

The famous social network continues to grow and incorporate changes that we think can benefit its users, and the best thing is that interesting news is expected for this year. We are looking forward to meeting you. The internet of things (iot) is currently like a kind of nebula. We have heard of it, but most of us have not experienced it much. However, in the coming years we will be surrounded by intelligent objects designed to manage information and interact with relative independence. Internet of things: cars of the future, smart homes and omnipresent health for example, the cars of the future will be able to give you real-time traffic information so you can avoid traffic jams. Goodbye radio! If you are a sports lover, you probably already use an application on a portable device (wearable) that informs you of your sports practice (kilometers traveled, calories burned, exercise time…).

Poland Phone Number List

That’s iot at the individual level in the realm of health and fitness. The concept of “Smart house” or intelligent home is now accessible to certain elites. At some point, most of us will be able to monitor our homes from a distance. We will control the lighting, the heating, the water supply. We will know if our pet has created a mess on the sofa again. If the clothes in the dryer are ready to be folded. You ‘ll have sensors that alert you at work when someone has broken into a window to get into your home or if your light bulbs are about to expire. All this necessary preamble is to give you a picture of what is coming and what are the implications of iot in our daily lives. How will it influence digital marketing? It is something that is cooking…

Spain, in a Prominent Place in the Cannes Lions

Internet of things modeling digital marketing… (and humans) iot allows a greater proximity between. The user and the products in such a way that the role of digital marketing acquires another nuance. Less hard selling and more educational information that helps to know the product and take better advantage of it. On the other hand, the devices will have access to intimate information. Personal data management will probably expand beyond the ecrm we know to other more secure cloud environments. Iot delivers more power to the user so that they can easily manage their day to day. In exchange for comfort, we open the doors of our intimacy and offer companies raw material for big data . Marketing must be ready to share or cede that power, put aside the pursuit of consumers. We’re just scratching the surface of a total, post-pc change where everything will be connected.

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