The Character Limit on Twitter

Since the end of 2015, the company was studying a complementary product to the social network to develop more extensive ideas, small texts that could be with a tweet in a similar way to the one now used to add images. Changes in the character limit on twitter: from 140 to… 10,000?! Now, jack dorsey has “Brought” to the surface the interest in raising the character limit on twitter to… Ten thousand . Thus, the ceo of the company is committed to integrating up to 10,000 characters in a tweet, but not in the way you think : through his tweet, jack dorsey explains what this proposed “Increase” in the character limit on twitter means. Twitter is exploring the possibility that, once a block of text is integrated as an attachment, it can be displayed together with the conventional tweet of a maximum of 140 characters .

However, unlike being attached as just an image, this text will be able to be turned into data, so users will actually be able to search for text or content embedded in tweets (something that is somewhat difficult with an image). This new character limit “rule” on twitter would potentially result in users spending more time on the social network and posting more rich content. The Ivory Coast Phone Number limit on twitter does not exist in the dm as we mentioned, the proposals to break the character limit on twitter is not something new , nor something that the company has respected 100% to this day, at least not in functions or collateral applications of the micro-social network. Blogging.

Changes in the Character Limit on Twitter

Only in the middle of last year , twitter announced through its account that it would be making a big change within its dm (direct messages); as of july 2015, dms no longer had a character limit as required for public posts. These types of changes are perhaps of benefit to any person or organization that uses this tool on a regular basis. While in public tweets “ brevity ” is the key to twitter’s own streaming, in the private part the context changes and there is usually a sense of openness to a longer conversation. We are experiencing the great boom of mobile technologies applied to the health sector , where the number of applications dedicated to its management and improvement multiplies.

Ivory Coast Phone Number

If we combine the technology factor, health, and target it at the female public. We obtain bwom , an application for the care of the pelvic floor and intimate health. How bwom works the differential value of this new app , created in spain. By a team of young entrepreneurs, is personalization. Since it is the only one that offers training plans and pelvic floor exercises adapted to each user . With a format very similar to training and fitness apps. It brings women a new concept of health based on the awareness of taking control of their intimate health. The first step in the app is to perform a pelvic floor assessment test of a couple of minutes. With key questions about the woman’s vital moment and her symptoms. With this, the user receives an evaluation of her pelvic health based on 5 levels of care.

The Character Limit on Twitter Does Not Exist in the Dm

The application also takes into account that it is not a substitute for medical professionals. And transparently says when it is necessary to consult a specialist. Then the application composes, through an algorithm. A set of personalized plans for each woman aimed at improving each of her goals. Improve sexual relations, achieve a firm belly or control urine leakage, among others. Each exercise is accompanied by images and audios in which it explains the posture. And the pattern of each exercise to be able to perform it correctly. Bwom also indicates to users how often they should do training sessions, although the “coach” option is still under construction. An app for the care of the pelvic floor in a freemium model related posts circular.

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