The Corporate Social Network Facebook

Its official launch had been a long time ago, and although everything. Indicated that it was going to be in 2015. The corporate social network facebook at work will end up reaching. The hands of users in 2016. Facebook at work. Finally in 2016 without specifying an exact day, month or week. Has declared through an interview in the wall street journal that the launch will simply be. “At some point in the year that is about to start”. Facebook plans to launch this service both in web format. And as a mobile app (android and ios), allowing it to position itself in the professional world. With its own corporate social network. With that in mind, facebook at work will allow you to create internal ” mini social networks “.

Through which your employees can interact and collaborate with each other, share files, data, links and other resources. For now, the company has opened spaces for a limited number of companies with which it has been to test and advance the initial proposals before the “Public” version is finally released. How facebook’s corporate social network will work Kenya Phone Number the statement, at least some clarifications about the functionality of this new corporate social network of facebook are rescued. In principle, it is known that this new tool will not be financed with advertising , but will work under a freemium model , with which it will seek to attract different companies to become part of facebook at work.

Facebook at Work, Finally in 2016

After the freemium model , client companies will be able to purchase paid versions, for a few dollars per month, where they will be able to access other features such as analytics, technical support or integrations with other software. For now, facebook at work stands out for being a “ more collaborative and transparent ” tool than other tools of the same style. In itself, the visual environment of this tool is very similar to the personal facebook that you already use. It is important to note that it will not be necessary to have a facebook account to create a facebook at work account. It should be added that within the integrations and adaptations of facebook with its at work version, the social network also integrates its own version of messenger , facebook’s messaging and chat system, called work chat .

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The latter is an application that allows employees to send messages individually or in groups, as well as share photos, videos, stickers and even make voice calls. What is mr jeff app mr jeff app is a recently application that is simply to doing your laundry . Eloi gómez, rubén muñoz, adrián lorenzo and aarón rodríguez are its creators and they are no more than 24 years old. Have also recently expanded the staff with their new content creator and community manager, elena lópez. Are in the process of expansion and in just 4 months they have conquered madrid and valencia , where they serve more than 50 clients weekly. They had the idea in july of this year and on august 10 they were already serving their first order in valencia.

How Facebook’s Corporate Social Network Will Work

But they are not , they want their company to be international in the medium term. Something that is closer than ever since, after settling in valencia and Madrid. Mr jeff’s next destinations are barcelona and mexico city. How the mr jeff app works we only need a simple smartphone for this. Young team to provide the solution to all of us who long to have more free time. Both its website and the downloadable applications for android and ios allow you to select the garments that. Are part of the laundry and set the date and place of collection. The next day the clothes return to the client washed and ironed. At his home or wherever he decides (office, hotel…) a real luxury! Both the app and the web are quite intuitive. Easy to use and have affordable prices.

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