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The Rotterdam VVD decid to take these elections seriously: their campaign video look like a Hollywood production . But apart from the slick images, this video also makes clever use of various heuristics. The main one is the ingroup/outgroup principle that is used. Here you frame the opponent as from a Denmark Phone Number different (and worse) group than your own group. The VVD presents itself here as an ingroup of problem-solving entrepreneurs, and their competitor as grumbling civil servants.  Clever use of the authority heuristic : we accept a message more quickly from people whom we attribute – in whatever way – authority. Just think of the Denmark Phone Number commercials with “dentists recommend this toothpaste”. D66: All balls on Kaag D66 only puts the heavy guns in these elections: all the balls on Kaag.

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. We also call this heuristic ‘the lab coat effect’. People in a white coat are more likely to be believ in their opinion about something, say, medical, cosmetic or scientific. Just think Denmark Phone Number of all the old toothpaste commercials in which an often white man in a white coat promotes the toothpaste. A bold move, because since last year’s infamous Night of Rutte debate, Kaag is no longer undisputed in the progressive world.

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Yet D66 apparently has so much  faith in Kaag and her image that they frequently use her in this campaign. Local expressions are hardly shown anywhere. GroenLinks is coming to you this spring Campaign GroenLinks municipal elections 2022. GroenLinks opts for centraliz management of a decentraliz campaign. By focusing on approachability and friendliness everywhere, GroenLinks tries to respond to the affect heuristic . This heuristic describes how we often rely on our emotions, rather than concrete information, when making decisions. This allows us to come to a conclusion quickly and easily, but it can also distort our thinking and lead us to make sub-optimal choices. By properly training the door-to-door volunteers and by giving the message that you always remain friendly, voters will feel good about GroenLinks. Instead of buying expensive bus shelters in the city, the volunteers at GroenLinks bring the message to your door.

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