The Facebook Live Video Service Confirms

The gigantic social network launched a few months ago ” facebook live video “, a new option within its “Mentions” application that began to work exclusively for celebrities, who had a verified facebook page in their possession . Facebook live video for everyone in this way, the “ vips ” began to project live through the news feed of their pages, allowing comments in real time with recorded content for later playback; the first streams started with artists or groups like the rock and serena williams . Shortly after, the tool was made available to journalists, but today facebook has decided to launch facebook live video to the entire user community , allowing universal availability to broadcast streaming video.

Through its virtual press room , this universal availability of facebook live video begins to be tested by a still limited group of users in the us who use facebook on ios, but this is merely as a part of initial experimentation because the social network itself confirms that the service will soon be extended to the rest of the user community. Example of the Nigeria Phone Number live video feature for everyone. Example of the facebook live video feature for everyone. Facebook live video will thus allow any user to share “What they are seeing in real time” with any other user on facebook. Likewise, the author of the video will decide which audience or who can see it.

Facebook Live Video for Everyone

The process for issuance when you start streaming, you’ll have access to viewers and their information, as well as a thread for the community to provide live feedback. As with the “Vip”, facebook live video will save the broadcast video so that it can be retrieved after the broadcast. Starting a broadcast will be easy , as it will be one of the options available from the main box of activities that you find (which includes «share a status», «post photo», among others). When the broadcast starts, your followers or friends will be able to receive notifications that the streaming is taking place, and if the guarantees allow it, they will be able to tune in.

Nigeria Phone Number

Alongside facebook live video, facebook announced the launch of ” collage “. Another application that will allow ” detecting photo and video sessions ” taken at the same time. By different users (for example, a football match, a concert or a congress). And you will arrange them in customizable montages so that sharing them is much easier. , is a masterpiece of political. Communication (ending with a “Smile, let yes you can» has many reminiscences of the obama campaign). The most widespread video of sánchez and rajoy will undoubtedly be the one of both fighting. And calling each other everything . Someone should remind their advisers that a negative does not sell.

The Process for Issuance

On december 22 will distribute this year 2,240 million euros in prizes , of which 640 million correspond to the gordo. After the draw there are many search engines on the net to check if the tenth. As in the case of the official draw search engine . If you’re a twitter user. Whether on the web or mobile, you’re already to buttons and their. Respective locations that help you quickly read tweets, reply, and do other things. However, to the annoyance of many moments, the 140-character social network constantly experiments. With changes and rearrangements. On many occasions, these changes are not to the liking of all users.

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